Thursday, October 27, 2005

Golda and Claire go to the city Part III:Eating our way through New York

Some people go to New York for the shows, some for the museums, but for me and Claire, we go for the food. A good part of our days were usually spent walking around in search for a restaurant to eat at.

by the numbers:
5 - places we ate at on Saturday
3 - times we ate pizza
3 - people we ate with from Waco (not counting us)
2 - country-type places we ate at (Little Italy and Chinatown)
1 - time we accidently almost left without paying
1 - restaurant we ate at that is featured on a TV show (the restaurant from Seinfeld)
1 - new food I found that I don't like (anchovies)

We also made many new friends at all the restaurants we went to. While eating at our fifth stop of the day on Saturday, a Ben and Jerry's somewhere downtown where we had an insane amount of ice cream/cookies/chocolate, we met these two guys. We assumed that they were a grandfather and his 25ish year old grandson. They sat at our table because there wasn't really anywhere else for them to sit. Both of them seemed tired of the other's company by this point in the night and they sat in silence and ate their ice cream. They eventually made small talk with us about the city. They had walked around the perimeter of Central Park that day, and neither one seemed too enthused about that. I imagine that they walked around it in silence, just like they were eating their ice cream. As if they were forced to spend time together, but didn't know what to say to each other. They finished their ice cream rather quickly, said goodbye, and went on their silent way back to wherever they were headed.

Earlier that same night, we made friends with the serving staff at this little cafe nearby. We were sitting up at the counter so all the servers would come by and some would talk to us. I paid using my credit card and our server brought it back and started talking to me about my name. He tried to tell me that in his country, they use the name "Golda" as an endearing term. As in, he refers to his wife and his daughter as "my Golda." I asked him where he is from and he said Mexico. Hmm. I'm thinking he might be lying to me, seeing how I live in Texas and I feel like if this was true, I'd have heard about it by now. Then another server came by and told us that he refers to his wife as "osa" - female bear. He then went on to tell us all about marriage and how difficult it is. He was an interesting guy to say the least.

Overall, the food in New York (and Philadelphia) was wonderful. I must say, I'm a fan of their pizza. Although I think I like Chicago's better. It's a tough call.

Two days until U2!!!! Who's excited??

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