Monday, October 31, 2005

Hi, have you signed the ONE declaration yet?

I got the pictures from Laura, so as promised, here's what happened at the U2 concert on Saturday. This is the four of us from Baylor who went, Laura, me, Anali, and Claire. We were so freakin excited to be there. You can't really tell, but the stage is RIGHT behind us.
Our job at the concert was to hang out at our designated location and try to get people to sign the ONE declaration. We were to stop them by asking, "hi, have you signed the ONE declaration yet?" I must have said that sentence at least 500 times. No joke. Typically, there were four different reponses I would get. 1) people saying yes, they have signed. I'm pretty sure some of them were lying to me, but whatever. 2) People who would say "no thanks" and walk right on past. I didn't blame them, that's probably how I would respond if someone came up to me with a clipboard. I'd think they wanted my money or something. 3) those who signed either right away or after I told them what it was about. and 4) those who would ask what it was for and I'd say something along the lines of "it's a campaign to fight global AIDS and extreme poverty" and they'd say no thanks and walk off. To these people I'd mutter "bastards!" under my breath. But not so anyone could hear me.

A couple time I accidently said "it's a campaign to fight global poverty and extreme AIDS, wait, no, extreme poverty and global AIDS!"

I was definitely profiling in regards to whom I was asking to sign. I'd go after groups of younger guys, guys who were overweight/not the most attractive, and when a middle aged couple would come I'd ask the woman. I had at least four couples stop and the man was not interested at all but the woman would stop and listen and then end up signing on herself and her husband. I realized however, that I shouldn't stereotype people. Quite a few times I'd ask people who I did not think would give me the time of day, but then they'd get really excited sign on, and then start asking about what else they could do.

Before the concert started, there was a stretch of time at the end when no one would sign. People kept walking off and I was doing a lot of the"bastards!" muttering. But then a group of guys came up to me, told me that they had already signed, but to "keep up the good work!" That made me feel so much better. See, some people DO care!

After the concert we went back to our posts to get more people to sign. This time it was easier because when explaining what the ONE campaign is about I could say things like "you know, it's what Bono was talking about there near the end!" And I'd get responses such as "Well, if Bono wants me to sign, I'll sign!" Yeah you will.

The actual concert was incredible. I don't think adjectives even exist that would adequately describe it. We got wrist bands that let us into the inner elipse, as in, we were about five feet from the band. And it was such a power trip to walk down to the inner elipse, past everyone else. We just showed the security guards our wrists, and we were in. So great. We got so many envious looks. And as we were walking to the inner elipse, the band was making their way to the stage and Bono definitely flashed us a peace sign! Well, it may not have been to US necessarily, but I like to think it was. It very well could have been.

Pictures from the concert, compliments of Laura

Adam, the bass player, who was pretty much right in front of us the entire time

Bono walking about five feet from where we were

The stage

The downfall to the concert is that I'm pretty sure nothing is ever going to be able to top this. At least no concert. I've been trying to come up with a concert that could possibly be even better, but nothing has come to mind. I mean, seriously, we were FIVE FEET from Bono!! Does it get any better??


seth said...

No, Golda, it does NOT get any better. We just have to lower our expectations now ; )

I can't wait to get my pics up and try to put words on the experience. Thank you all again for coming...I know it's a laughable thing to thank someone for. Hahaha.

Cecilia said...

Walking up to strangers with a clipboard is my WHOLE job (at least the one I do for pay). At least you weren't getting paid per signiture.

And Bono is very cool. I am jealous. Better than spending the weekend with junior high students.