Saturday, October 15, 2005

"I looooove Damon's"

"Yes, but Damon's HATES you!" - a coworker to me after I was sarcastically expressing my love for our workplace.

I've been working at Damon's for about four months now, and it's been alright for the most part. But now football season has started. Gone are the boring slow days when we'd stand around and talk. Now we're running our butts off trying to keep everyone happy. Why oh why are football games so long? People stay in the restaurant FOREVER! I'm on a break right now. I went in at noon, worked till about 6:30 and my boss will be calling me between 8-9 for me to come back in for the post game rush. Have I mentioned that I love Damon's?

Yesterday at work I was discussing the 1 John 3 Campaign with one of the hosts. She also goes to Baylor so we had a good talk. She's always come off on more of the conservative side when it comes down to things like what we're doing with the campaign, but she really thinks that this is something that needs to be done at our school. That took me by surprise and I answered a bunch of questions she had about it. Then I showed her the book I had just bought, and happened to still be in my backpack.

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday with the intention of buying:


Instead, i walked out with the first book,, Mountains Beyond Mountains, and

Oh the irony of spending $50 on books about the poor. This is where all my tips are going - books and cds. And I'm not sure why I bought all these, knowing full well that I will not have the time to read them until Christmas break most likely.

Anyways, I showed the book to my friend and she got very excited and started reading the back - once again, very unexpected. I guess this is a lesson for me. I shouldn't make up my minds about people prematurely.

I had a very opposite interaction with another worker last night. He's a server also, about 40, and very, very conservative and set in his way. He likes to debate politics with me every once in a while. He overheard me telling someone else about my trip to Austin and started going off about the budget and why there are cuts being made to Medicaid and Food Stamps and why it's alright. And why it's okay to give back $70 billion dollars in tax cuts to the wealthiest in the country because "after all, they pay about 70% of the taxes anyways." When he starts going off like that it's hard for me to keep my cool. Usually I get snappy back and make a smart remark.

Later on that night one of the bussers asked me about my ONE bracelet and the same server was in the room when i was telling him about it and made a comment along the lines of "why should we have to help people around the world?" AHHH!! He frustrates me so much sometimes. A bit later he stops me and tells me that because of the way economics work, there has to be rich people and poor people, there just has to be. I told him that maybe so, but there doesn't need to be the great inequality that there is. And then I may have started ranting (me, rant?? what??) about how since the late 1960's inequality has grown and how that sucks, blah blah blah. He got mad at me, yelled, and I took off to put up the dishes I was holding.

Fast forward to today. He comes into work and asks me how i'm doing and I say, "I've been better, but I've been worse so overall I'm alright I guess. How are you?" He replies "well, let's see, there's a republican president in office and both the house and senate are controlled by the republicans so I'm good!" As I continued walking through the drink station I said "yes, but debt is up and the president's rankings are down!" And once again I made myself scarce.

Have I mentioned that I loooove Damon's?


seth said...

Ah blog spam. You can make a word-proof thing too.

Anyway, like the post and narrative-style again - it definitely strikes a 'real' chord that I very much appreciate.

So..."there are always going to be rich and poor and there should be"...hmm, maybe so, but as you so astutely pointed out, the disparity that exists now with the affluent, global world we live in is simply unacceptable. And true, the "new heavens and new earth" coming together will never fully happen with just us here, but why let that stop us from trying in our time here? As Jeffrey Sachs says too...we simply need to start with helping others on the bottom rung of development.

Still, you have more restraint than I would...and I admire that. I'm not sure I even know someone who would have the gall to say stuff like that just to bug me. He's 40 and he works at Damon's...see, I'd say something awful and personal like that. Whereas you're cool and co-ed.

The neighbor next door...the neighbor far away, one and the same. Anyway, a topic of great in terest...I could go on, but long day tomorrow at AIDS Walk...can't wait. Keep up the great work!

seth said...

Oh, and can't wait to hear what you think of those books!! They both rocked my world...and yes, where my $$ goes too.

Irony of ironies. Yet not at all, in a way, if we share their truths.

Golda said...
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Cecilia said...

okay, Golda, as I posted on my blog, tell me about these books. I am very interested, mostly because I have lots of reading time. I read only non-fiction on the subway.

And about the man at work, try to be as nice as possible, not because you'll ever convince him that liberals are nice (but they are!! You're nice! I'm nice! We like people--exactly why we want to help them...), but because that's what you should do. So think cheap bastard, tell that to all your friends, but try to take the things he says to you with humor. You're not the devil; if you were the devil, I'd hate to know what I am. Sorry. This week's goal was compassion for people I don't like and judge frequently. I know--small goal for a week.

erin said...

wow, that guy is NOT a winner. I have a REAL problem with people who treat other people like that just because they don't believe the same things. I didn't have to work on compassion this week, and I'm not quite sure I'm a big enough person not to kick his butt for treating you like that. I better not ever meet him.

Laura said...

Golda, keep up the good blogging soldier. I'll let you know about the tattoo. It is suddenly less exciting now that I have it in marker on my foot, which makes me wonder if I would like the real thing . . . .

Brian said...

I know I diss Republicans a lot and tend to generalize, but I don't really mean it. Usually. Most of my friends here are actually Republican, it's like I'm some kind of freaking GOP magnet...

And I'd say that dude is just a lost cause. He sees the world in such a totally different way that he's never going to "get it."