Thursday, October 13, 2005


Well, I decided that it was time to start up one of these. I guess I just got tired of being over there at Xanga. Not really sure why though.

Today I was ranting to Claire about a letter to the editor in the Lariat. I've been ranting a lot lately - about stuff pertaining to the 1 John 3 Campaign, about the School of Social Work, about economics majors, etc. It has consumed my past two days basically. Anyways, I'm ranting to Claire and apologize for ranting and she says something along the lines of "yeah, you've been ranting a lot lately. And just think, tonight you'll be raving!" We're having a School of Social Work "rave" tonight. Basically it's a mixer so that everyone can meet each other because no one knows anyone except those in their classes. But since we called it a "rave" it's cool and people will come. We're having bowls of white mints out, aka ecstasy. And two of the profs are drawing tattoos on people with sharpies and we're having a cupcake walk because what's a rave without a cupcake walk?? It's going to rock. So back to the story, Claire says that tonight I'll be raving and I say "you're right! Hey! From Ranter to Raver: One Girl's Story! That should be the title of my autobiography!" Now I have to do something worth while of writing an autobiography about. And I need to stop ranting and start raving. I think I have the first part down.

More to come about our trip to Austin today...

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