Sunday, November 06, 2005

The job is (soon to be) no more

I basically put in my two weeks at Damon's tonight. I have to go and bring it in writing on Monday, but my boss knows that I'm quitting. It's his fault. He started it. He gathered us all up tonight and told us that his last day will be the 19th. I have never seen everybody there look so depressed and upset at the same time. He's great, we don't want to see him go. A lot of us are still working there just because he IS so great. I know that's pretty much the reason for me. I was going to quit once school started, but I stayed because of him and some others there.

I was also planning on quitting at the end of this semester. I'm going to be too busy next semester to work, but I thought it would be best if i finish up this one. I'm only working 2-3 days a week and that's still too much some weeks. My boss is so great with my schedule though. No way would any new manager be as flexible with me, especially when I come up with excuses for not working like "I'm going to New York for the weekend," or "I have to work at this U2 concert" or "I promise, I have a meeting with the president of Baylor," or the latest one "this guy from the Wall Street Journal wants to interview me and some of my friends." Those are all true by the way. Anyways, I'm going to need Thanksgiving off since I'm going to my sister's in Kansas and I need a weekend off in a couple weeks because I'm going camping and since I don't know what this new manager will be like, I don't know if he/she will let me take off. I talked it over with my boss and he told me that it would probably be best to just put my two weeks in now, but to make sure people know that I was going to be quitting anyways, that I'm not just because he is.

So that's it, pretty soon I'll be back to being unemployed. But, on the bright side, I'll have more time for homework/procrastinating.

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seth said...

What a life you lead. Glad the WSJ guy was able to connect with you all!