Sunday, November 13, 2005

More books to sit on my shelf

The library had its annual booksale this weekend. It put Gladstone's to shame, that's for sure. So many books. I was a little overwhelmed walking through the aisles, knowing that I could never get around to looking at them all. And I kept thinking about the time Cecilia, Erin, and I went to Gladstone's and then tried to start a bookclub. Ahh, good times.

I ended up carrying around so many books - two paper bags worth - that a worker person came up to me and offered to put them in the "holding" area with my name on them. I think I have a book problem. Keep in mind that I currently have about 10 books sitting on my shelf in my apartment that I do not have time to read. So why did I buy 9 more yesterday?? Because I have a problem. I blame it on my mom, she's a librarian. And every time I go see her she has more new books for me to read. I usually end up clearing off my shelf about once a year and returning all the books I stole from her that year. It's amazing how fast they accumulate.

I'm very excited about the books I bought yesterday. I got a John Irving book, because I know how much you love him, Cecilia. I figured maybe I should try something of his. I also got a casserole cookbook because I looove casseroles. And a book about this woman who goes to work for a senator in DC but then ends up joining the Americorps VISTA program. I couldn't pass that up. I got a few others and the book I'm most excited about - a sociology textbook from 1936. It looks so interesting. It has chapters about how to bring about social change, poverty in America, racial issues, and a lot of other stuff. And it's all from a Great Depression era perspective! And it was only $2! I'm so excited about it, but none of my friends are. They kept looking at me like I was crazy when I was showing it to them. Nevertheless, I'm pumped to read it. Eventually...


Cecilia said...

What John Irving book? I love him. I own nine of his books, but I haven't read them all--yet. He's so good. I need to rest after I read one of his books. And there's so many more that I still need!!! Okay, time for other things--but read John Irving. The man is amazing. Period. Amazing.

Laura said...

Golda, twice now I have come to your study carrol and twice now you have not been there . . .what's the deal? Do you have a life or something?