Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving and other thoughts from the past week

Another holiday has come and gone. It was great to see the family. We all went to my sister's in Kansas again this year. And while her boys/my nephews are wonderful, they make me glad I don't have children. I don't think I could handle kids right now. I know I couldn't. Nevertheless, the trip was fun and well worth the long car ride.

Highlights of the trip:
1. Seeing the fourth Harry Potter movie with four generations of my family
2. Not having a TV most of the time - we were forced to find other ways to entertain ourselves/talk to each other
3. Buying pants and shoes with my little sister
4. Terrifying the two 19-20ish year old boys from my sister's church who were helping my sister's family move into their new house by a) being female and b) talking to them. Who new I was so scary?? All I did was offer them some food and ask them their names!
5. Playing charades with the fam after our Thanksgiving meal. (Even if my three year old nephew did the exact same thing but once he was a bird, a couple times a rocket, and once an airplane.)
6. Packing my sister's house/helping them move. Ha, not really a highlight, but we did it.
7. Riding in the minivan for 10 hours, one way, with my grandparents and parents. Once again, not really a highlight, but it went much smoother than expected.
8. Ranting about Wal-mart the entire trip
9. Being able to read for pleasure and not for school
10. My little sister forgetting her pillow and now it's mine!

Around the Thanksgiving table, we played this "game" if you will. We went through the alphabet and said stuff that we were thankful for, starting with each letter. It quickly turned into a free for all where everyone was shouting out different things. My favorites included:

Fair Trade
Living Wages
Springsteen, Bruce
Xray technicians

Bet you can't figure out which ones of those were mine...


Cecilia said...

Why are people so thankful for x-rays? Hey! I'm getting an ultrasound tomorrow. You've had one. We can talk about it. And I'm glad that you had a good break.

Golda said...

Because that is the only thing that starts with "x" besides xylophones, which people were also thankful for.