Thursday, December 15, 2005

Home Sweet Home

I've been home all of about an hour now. It's cold and snowy - I'm not a fan. Plus, my cell phone doesn't work here. Ahh, da U.P.

I might have overreacted about Christmas. While I AM going to be alone on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, we DO have a (fake) Christmas tree! I'm not a fan of the fake tree, but I'm glad we have something at least. Even if it doesn't smell like Christmas. It's not decorated yet. I suppose that's something my sister and I will have to do once she gets back from school. Maybe Christmas won't be so bad afterall. Maybe. Now if only we had some Christmas cookies....

In other news, I am training for a half marathon. Yes, you read correctly. Me. Running. Far. My friend Claire talked me into it. She ran one on her birthday last weekend and is running in a full marathon on my birthday and she convinced me to run in the shorter race. So I'm supposed to start training on Monday. Physically training that is. I'm already "mentally" preparing. Ha. I even have a running schedule. I hope the high school is open so I can run there, otherwise I'll need a back up because I don't think I can run outside here. It's so freaking cold. And snowy.

On the way back from the airport my stepmom tried to take me to wal-mart to get groceries. I insisted we go elsewhere and got the chance to "educate" (okay, I ranted) my stepmom and "little" brother about the evils of the store. They were polite and listened to me. They even seemed somewhat interested.

My little brother saw Walk the Line and is now obsessed with Johnny Cash. He has the complete cd set and is listening to it full blast. I'm so putting it all on my ipod.

Being home is going to be interesting, needless to say.


Cecilia said...

This is so exciting!!! We can SO run together!!! I can run up to a little over an hour, so your training shouldn't take you past my ability until way after Christmas. It'll be fun! High-fives every lap (and there'll be lots of laps...). We can talk. And if no one else warns you, watch out for butt chaffing. It's pretty painful. I recently bought diaper rash ointment for it, which is working nicely, but be aware that running a lot can lead to chaffing problems.

Golda said...

i was actually talking my claire about chaffing the other day! And i'm going to find out when the track at the school is open. If it's not open all during break i may need you to sneak me into the Y.

erin said...

in case you didn't get the voice mail i left you after yours, I'll be home next tuesday through thursday, until the 29th ish. have fun rartying in the meantime!

Golda said...

I didn't get the voice mail because my phone doesn't work here. Any idea when Charee' is coming home??