Saturday, December 24, 2005

It's a Bird, It's a Plane

It's Super Golda!

Today I went running outside, in 28 degree weather. To combat the cold, I wore "winter running clothes" as seen below. My stepmom wouldn't let me out the door without taking a picture of me first as "Super Golda!"

Now, I know what you are thinking - "what are Super Golda's powers?" Good question. They are as follows:
1) The ability to wear an ungodly amount of spandex while looking super sexy.
2) The ability to run down an icy dirt road without falling - not even once!
3) The ability to ward off the neighbors dogs with her invisible force field.


Newitt said...

Three words: amazingly stealthly hot . . . I don't know if stealthly is a word but it should be

seth said...

We probably passed each other on the road in the nether regions of Michigan then! Oh wait, except I don't wave to ninjas.

Actually, that's bollocks, I didn't leave my grandparents house to brave the cold unless it meant immersing myself in the cheerful stink of the barn. My mom was out though. In shorts and a tanktop. Beat THAT.

jk. Merry Christmas superfriend.

Golda said...

Where you at in Michigan, yo? And I can't beat shorts and a tanktop. Your mom wins. (insert "your mom" joke here.)

seth said...