Friday, December 23, 2005

Saying goodbye to an old friend

Yesterday morning my family celebrated Christmas since no one will be around on actual Christmas Day.

One of the best presents I got was new pajama pants. I was in desperate need of a new pair. My old pair I bought freshman year of college for $5 at Old Navy. They are green plaid and I love them. So comfortable. They have been faithful to me for the past three years. I've worn them on camping trips, they went with me to Kenya, I even wore them to one or two 8am finals when I was too tired to actually get dressed. I think I even wore them to a 3:30pm final once or twice also.

Sadly, however, a couple of months ago they got a hole in the butt. Not as in a rip-type-hole, but a worn out-type hole. I tried to patch it with a piece of an old pair of jeans, but that only worked for a couple of weeks. The hole got bigger and the patch did not really stay in so I had to wear a pair of boxers under my pajama pants so that I would not be inappropriate.

Yesterday when I opened up my new pajama pants I got really excited. They're green and teal plaid and really warm. My little sister told me this meant it was time to retire the old pants. I dont know if i can do this. I'm not ready. But she's right, it's time to say goodbye to the old pants and embrace the new.

I hope that they treat me as well as my old pants did and that we have many happy years together.

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