Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Give 'em hell, Allie

I talked to my little sister, who is a first year at Michigan Tech, today. They had their first intermural broomball game of the season. She knocked two girls down, threw up on the side of the rink (but not in her helmet), and scored the winning goal in overtime.

That's my sister. You go girl.

Whoever thinks that Waseloviches aren't competitive has never faced one of us on the court, rink, field, water, track, trail, or in life.



Cecilia said...

Do you remember the time we all played volleyball and smelled like chicken and then lied and missed a movie? Yeah, you weren't so competitive on the volleyball court. Maybe because volleyball is stupid.

Golda said...

Yes, but we were playing with middle schoolers from my church so we couldn't be very competitive. Plus, volleyball IS stupid. Not my favorite sport. Or second favorite for that matter.

Didn't you tell someone you had on chicken perfume and they believed you?

Cecilia said...

Yes, that would be your sister, if I remember correctly.

Golda said...

Hahaha, it was her! Hey, i said she was competitive, i never claimed she wasn't ditzy.