Sunday, January 08, 2006


Today, instead of unpacking, I thought I'd find a home for Mr. Giraffe.

I thought that he might like to live next to a camel and a bobbing Michael Chang head.

He didn't fit in there.

Next, I tried the living room. I put him next to the chess set I got in Africa, thinking it would make him feel more at home. But I don't think the roommates would like him there.

Ah ha! My desk! In front of the Greek alphabet blocks. But as you can see, my desk is a wee bit messy and I'll probably end up knocking him off with my elbows a lot. I tend to accidently hit things/people with them a lot.

So now he's living on my bookshelf next to the pictures of my little brother and sister.


Brian said...

I'm glad Mr. Giraffe found a new home. I don't think he liked his old one too much. He was sitting in a box full of lions and other African carnivores... No pandas though, I don't think.

Cecilia said...

I'm your friend is out of your pocket for good now, now he won't keep falling out at inappropriate times...

Myles said...

so, i really like that you're listening to the Boss. he's my favorite.

Golda said...

He's my favorite too! Well, one of my favorites, especially last semester.