Monday, February 27, 2006


That last post should have included this: "Jeremy is great. I have a great boyfriend. His name is Jeremy. I think I like him. And by 'him' I mean Jeremy."

Is that better?? :)

Weekend of Fun

So, it was a good weekend. I turned 22 on Saturday and had a pretty great day if I do say so myself. I have great friends and a great family.

Sunday I got to see Coldplay for free. It rocked. Claire and I volunteered for Oxfam - Make Trade Fair. It was pretty much the same deal as with the ONE Campaign and the U2 concert - we walked around with clipboards and tried to get people to sign. It wasn't too bad of a deal. And we got to see Coldplay for free! Although our seats weren't QUITE as good as for U2, I'm not complaining. And the guys next to us, who were about 40 years old, were definitely smoking pot during the concert. I'm pretty sure that isn't allowed. Especially seeing how the concert was inside!! Ahh, crazy people. And, at the risk of getting laughed, I'll say that this was my first experience being around pot. I know, I know....

I lost my keys at the concert. They're not in Claire's car so they must be at the American Airlines Center. They must have fallen out of my pocket. Stupid pants.

I lost my phone today. Except that I know where it is. I can see it, I just can't get to it. It fell out of my pocket. Stupid pants.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Confessions of a Social Work Intern

Yesterday at my internship I had some time to kill. At first I was productive - I posted my resume on I know, I know, that's a big step for me since I'm still terrified of graduating/figuring out what to do with my life. Well, I got tired of doing real world-adult stuff so I decided that my time would be better spent facebooking.

It all started when I noticed that it is my my friend Johnny Cash's birthday on Sunday. I was looking at his profile when I saw that he is in a facebook group dedicated to made up facebook people profiles at NYU. So I just HAD to browse that and I ended up befriending Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, John Kerry, Peanut Butter, ipod, the Democratic Party, and many more. Since I found Peanut Butter, I figured that there had to be more of my favorite foods on facebook. I'm now on my way to being friends with Birthday Cake, Vegetable Lasagna, Corn Bread, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. I'm just waiting for them to confirm.

Another productive day at the office...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Running vs. Camping

So, about this whole "half marathon" thing. Yeah, not happening anymore.

I was supposed to run in one up in Fort Worth on my birthday - Feb. 25. But my friend who I was supposed to run with decided that she wasn't going to do that one, but run in the bearathon on March 4th instead. The bearthon is a half marathon that Baylor does every spring. It's a fundraiser for scholarships. Okay, no big deal, i decided that I too would run the bearathon instead. This would give me a whole week more to train.

I originally decided to run a half marathon to see if i can do it. Well, i can do it. I've run over 10 miles at a time, which means i can run 13.1. Now it's lost it's appeal. I no longer have to prove to myself that i can do it. Plus, people from my church are going camping and spelunking the same weekend and i really, really want to do that. I love camping!! I love camp fires!! So i decided that instead of running the bearathon i'd go camping instead.

Don't worry though, i'm not going to stop running completely. I'm still going to do it. I've grown to enjoy it almost.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


So for my social work capstone class we have to make this portfolio that we have to present to people in April. It's comprised of papers/projects/whatever that we have done in all of our social work classes for the past 2-3 years. We also have to update the papers/projects/whatever and reflect on how we have changed or not changed since writing the paper/whatever. It's actually pretty entertaining, even though it sucks hardcore.

Last week we had to update our "values" paper from our introduction to social work class. This paper was 10-12 pages on our values and ethics in regards to the social work profession. Now seeing how this is the first class we take in social work, we really don't have any idea about our valeus and ethics as social workers. Needless to say, it's pretty amusing to look at it now and laugh at all the dumb stuff we wrote. We all got a kick out of reading parts of our papers to each other in class the other day.

My paper was quite naive. Imagine that. I mean, I had never really done any really social work at this point, of course it was going to be incredibly naive sounding. However, parts of it were entertaining because I would go off on all these rants about things that I felt were important issues - abortion rights, gay rights, the death penalty. I had totally forgotten all about these rants until I read the paper again. I didn't realize that I had felt so strongly about some of these issues then.

Although it was incredibly naive, I did enjoy reading it because it reminded me of why I actually chose to go into social work. After actually being out in the "field" I have seemed to have lost some of my drive and have become somewhat jaded to how the system works. The paper was a good reminder of why I'm doing what I'm doing.

Speaking of being in the "field," I'm currently at my internship and some lady just accused me of "acting smart." She kept calling looking for a guy who works here, but who doesn't come in until later today. I kept trying to tell her that he isn't here and that I'm sorry, I have no idea where he is. She kept saying that we should know where he is and why don't we know where he is? She needs to talk to him! Finally, I said "I'm sorry, I don't keep up on his personal life. I have NO IDEA where he is, but he'll be here at 4." Well, apparently I was smart to her and she didn't like that and told me. Then she hung up.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Open Letter to United Airlines

Dear United Airlines,

I'd like to thank you for ruining my trip to San Fransisco. I'm not positive if it was entirely your fault or someone else's, but judging from the complaints I heard from others in the complaint line and judging by how I was treated by your customer service workers, I chose to blame you.

While you did offer to sell me a ticket for $1200 shortly after trying to sell my friend an extra 5 inches of leg room, I did not accept. Maybe I should have. I mean, if her 5 inches were worth approximately $7/inch, I should have gotten about 171 inches! What a deal! However, I sadly did not take you up on this offer.

Maybe it's for the better though. I mean, this way, I DO get to be in Waco this weekend! Who needs the Golden Gate bridge when you have the Suspension bridge?? Plus, I'll get to spend quality time at the library! Thank you, United Airlines!

Golda Waselovich

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Out of Commission

I'm leaving tomorrow to go to San Fransisco for a living wage conference. I know, I know, it's exciting. Actually, I am pretty pumped for it - I've never been to California before! We're not getting back until Sunday night and I'm thinking that we won't have access to the internet so if no one hears from me, I'm not dead (unless of course I am, then you should worry).

Sine we're going to San Fransisco and will be hanging out with all these college students who are involved with United Students Against Sweatshops, my friends and I will probably be the most conservative people at the conference. Which is weird because at Baylor, we are some of the most liberal people. I guess it's all relative.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Because you only live once

Today this is what I did:

It wasn't really on a whim or anything, I'd been thinking about doing it for a while. Some of my friends were dead set against it, some were all for it. Ultimately, it was up to me and I wanted it. In social work we'd call this "client self-determination."

And here is a picture of me with the piercing lady putting the clamp on my tongue. Running through my head is "well, I guess it's too late to back out now!"

After I got it done, I went up to Waxahachie to see my family. My mom noticed right away because I accidently opened my mouth really wide while shouting about something. I believe her exact words were "GOLDA ROSE WASELOVICH!!! OH MY GOD!!" But she wasn't upset, just in utter shock. My grandparents didn't even notice, to my knowledge. Or if they did, they didn't ever say anything, which makes me think that they didn't notice. And for some reason, they didn't find it odd in any way that I was chewing on ice all day. Or that I ate all my food so slowly and so deliberatly. At one point my grandma did say to me "Your papa really likes to eat ice too!" To which my mom replied under her breath "yeah, probably not for the same reason though..."

Friday, February 03, 2006

Regents' Wives and Adequate Wages

I spent my morning today kowtowing to the Regents' spouses. I'd say the Regents' wives, but there was one male among them. Typical, the Regents at Baylor are mostly male. And mostly white males at that. Anyways, whenever the regents all get together for whatever it is they do, I think it has something to do with sitting in a room acting important - and sometimes they talk about people they like or dislike, sometimes they even vote on whether or not they like people, anyways, whenever they do what they do, the wives, er, spouses get together also. This time the School of Social work had the privilege of "hosting" the spouses. This meant that everyone within the SSW had to be on our best behavior and show why we are so great and why we should have our own building that's not in a parking garage. I had to, er, got to, present my research group's project from last year to the spouses. And then later in the morning I went out to the World Hunger Relief Farm with some of the women (and the one male) to talk about our internship/service learning placements. There is a grad student out there this semester and I did a service learning there for another class so we talked about our experiences and showed them around the farm. Unfortunately, I missed the best part of the day with the spouses - lunch. I have a class at noon that I couldn't really miss.

The best part of the day was being out at the farm and listening to Dale, the Developmental Director and social work prof for the grad school, tell the spouses about different aspects of the farm. He kept talking about manure and fertilizer with them and how the composting toilets work. And then he ripped on one of the farm intern's car - the guy, who is about to go to Latin America to be in the Peace Corps, drives a Lexus. He only drives it because his car just broke down and his dad gave him his old car to drive until he can buy himself a new car. But this guy is so upset that he has to drive around in a Lexus while trying to work to alleviate poverty. And Dale makes fun of his car A LOT apparently. So to hear Dale ripping on this Lexus to the regents' spouses who probably all have really nice cars was priceless. I loved it.

The second part of my day, post econ class, was spent in a task force meeting to discuss implementing an "adequate" wage at Baylor. The interim president who is no longer president set it up so that when the new president came in, we'd have continuity. This was our first meeting and I'm still apprehensive about the group and what we're going to accomplish. There are three students and then the rest are faculty, staff, administration, etc, from across the campus. It's strange because I'm "just" a student on the task force, but in some ways, I have more knowledge than a lot of the "adults" about what we're trying to do. And Jon let the cat out of the bag on my thesis - I'm analyzing living wage campaigns on college campuses, blah blah blah, so now the group knows that I've done a lot of research and want to see some of it.

Mental note, do more research about how schools ACTUALLY implemented a living wage.