Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Open Letter to United Airlines

Dear United Airlines,

I'd like to thank you for ruining my trip to San Fransisco. I'm not positive if it was entirely your fault or someone else's, but judging from the complaints I heard from others in the complaint line and judging by how I was treated by your customer service workers, I chose to blame you.

While you did offer to sell me a ticket for $1200 shortly after trying to sell my friend an extra 5 inches of leg room, I did not accept. Maybe I should have. I mean, if her 5 inches were worth approximately $7/inch, I should have gotten about 171 inches! What a deal! However, I sadly did not take you up on this offer.

Maybe it's for the better though. I mean, this way, I DO get to be in Waco this weekend! Who needs the Golden Gate bridge when you have the Suspension bridge?? Plus, I'll get to spend quality time at the library! Thank you, United Airlines!

Golda Waselovich


United Airlines said...

It was our pleasure!

Thank you for choosing United. We know that you have many options when choosing between airlines, and we appreciate your business. Please direct all complaints to the large wastebasket. Thanks.

Golda said...

My thoughts exactly.

Melissa said...

Ok, you've got to say more about that! What happened? I know you were very excited to go. I'm sorry that they ruined your trip and weekend!

Anonymous said...

I still think you should officially complain since their customer service treated you soooooo badly

Charee' said...

oops that last one was from me...