Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Out of Commission

I'm leaving tomorrow to go to San Fransisco for a living wage conference. I know, I know, it's exciting. Actually, I am pretty pumped for it - I've never been to California before! We're not getting back until Sunday night and I'm thinking that we won't have access to the internet so if no one hears from me, I'm not dead (unless of course I am, then you should worry).

Sine we're going to San Fransisco and will be hanging out with all these college students who are involved with United Students Against Sweatshops, my friends and I will probably be the most conservative people at the conference. Which is weird because at Baylor, we are some of the most liberal people. I guess it's all relative.

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Cecilia said...

I'm conservative in Boston, crazy liberal at Calvin... so it goes. I'd rather be conservative than liberal because real conservatives annoy me to no end. And I thought that you had plans tomorrow???