Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Running vs. Camping

So, about this whole "half marathon" thing. Yeah, not happening anymore.

I was supposed to run in one up in Fort Worth on my birthday - Feb. 25. But my friend who I was supposed to run with decided that she wasn't going to do that one, but run in the bearathon on March 4th instead. The bearthon is a half marathon that Baylor does every spring. It's a fundraiser for scholarships. Okay, no big deal, i decided that I too would run the bearathon instead. This would give me a whole week more to train.

I originally decided to run a half marathon to see if i can do it. Well, i can do it. I've run over 10 miles at a time, which means i can run 13.1. Now it's lost it's appeal. I no longer have to prove to myself that i can do it. Plus, people from my church are going camping and spelunking the same weekend and i really, really want to do that. I love camping!! I love camp fires!! So i decided that instead of running the bearathon i'd go camping instead.

Don't worry though, i'm not going to stop running completely. I'm still going to do it. I've grown to enjoy it almost.

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Melissa said...

Betsy was just asking me a couple days ago if I knew if you were still running on your birthday. I didn't know, but then I didn't think you were since I knew mom was going down to Waco that day. It just didn't make since for her to go to Waco if you'd be in Ft. Worth. Happy Birthday! Expect your cake next week, just didn't happen this week as I'd planned.