Thursday, February 16, 2006


So for my social work capstone class we have to make this portfolio that we have to present to people in April. It's comprised of papers/projects/whatever that we have done in all of our social work classes for the past 2-3 years. We also have to update the papers/projects/whatever and reflect on how we have changed or not changed since writing the paper/whatever. It's actually pretty entertaining, even though it sucks hardcore.

Last week we had to update our "values" paper from our introduction to social work class. This paper was 10-12 pages on our values and ethics in regards to the social work profession. Now seeing how this is the first class we take in social work, we really don't have any idea about our valeus and ethics as social workers. Needless to say, it's pretty amusing to look at it now and laugh at all the dumb stuff we wrote. We all got a kick out of reading parts of our papers to each other in class the other day.

My paper was quite naive. Imagine that. I mean, I had never really done any really social work at this point, of course it was going to be incredibly naive sounding. However, parts of it were entertaining because I would go off on all these rants about things that I felt were important issues - abortion rights, gay rights, the death penalty. I had totally forgotten all about these rants until I read the paper again. I didn't realize that I had felt so strongly about some of these issues then.

Although it was incredibly naive, I did enjoy reading it because it reminded me of why I actually chose to go into social work. After actually being out in the "field" I have seemed to have lost some of my drive and have become somewhat jaded to how the system works. The paper was a good reminder of why I'm doing what I'm doing.

Speaking of being in the "field," I'm currently at my internship and some lady just accused me of "acting smart." She kept calling looking for a guy who works here, but who doesn't come in until later today. I kept trying to tell her that he isn't here and that I'm sorry, I have no idea where he is. She kept saying that we should know where he is and why don't we know where he is? She needs to talk to him! Finally, I said "I'm sorry, I don't keep up on his personal life. I have NO IDEA where he is, but he'll be here at 4." Well, apparently I was smart to her and she didn't like that and told me. Then she hung up.


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Brian said...

I had to do a portfolio for my Senior Sem. class too. And it also sucked hardcore. I didn't enjoy re-reading my papers because they never satisfy me when they're done. Except my policy paper. It was the longest and most thoroughly researched thing I have ever done. I was proud of that thing and actually appreciated the whole process. Old issues of the Congressional Record and microfilm, what could be better?