Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Afghanistan, Crawford, and Waco

So, guess who made a surprise visit to Afghanistan today?

Hint: it wasn't me.

Our very own President Bush!

Now guess who had lunch with him, the first lady, President Karzai, and the King!

Hint: someone I'm related to and who is Afghanistan.

Mi padre!

My dad wasn't supposed to have lunch with them, but Pres. Karzai saw him in the hall on the way to lunch and pulled him in as his "guest." So my dad dined with Bush and talked about me. I guess they were talking about Texas and so he had to mention that he has a daughter in Texas, going to Baylor (but no plugs for the library, sorry...). Bush told him that once he is retired to Crawford that my dad should come visit him at the ranch while he's visiting me at school. Minor detail - I'm graduating in May! There will be no visiting of me going on in Waco (most likely) post May. Although my dad is trying to convince me to stick around here a while longer. Hmm, probably not going to happen, sorry dad...

(I would like to point out that I kept all my political views out of this post. Which, if you know me, is very hard. But now I'm afraid that the government is watching me. I need to be on my best behavior.)


Betsy! said...

Oh my gosh!!! I hope Dad remembered to let W know that I think he is hot in his brown Carhart!!! Did you tell your friends that you have a home-made "I love Bush" "2004" t-shirt that you made and wore we voluntered at W's campain speach! You should post the pics (Allie and I look real good in them!) Love ya cutie! -Betsy!

Golda said...

Hey, i have purged that from my memory, thank you very much! And i only did that for you and Allie.

Anali said...

Dinner with the Pres. How fun! Did he talk about the living wage campaign that you are leading and how his daughter is a Nalgene carrying hippie? Yep, I didn't think so, but he should have.
I understand about the ice thing. I haven't needed ice here yet though, so my water bottle is doing just fine.
You know what's really funny? Whenever I write a comment on your blog, evertyhing that you or friends didn't write is in Spanish. So the comments all say something like "golda dijo..." The first time, I thought maybe all your friends were talking in Spanish now. And it still throws me off a little.

Golda said...

I'm pretty sure that my dad didn't mention any of my "liberal tendencies" to the president. And I'd like you to know that now my nalgene is even more hippy/activist-like because I have a lot of stickers on it!

Anonymous said...

This is the United States Government and we are watching you.

Melissa said...

That's so great! I told my boss that dad probably didn't mention your "liberal tendancies" (she's way liberal) and she gave me a name for you to contact someone here at K-State regarding the living wage campaign. He was very fruitful in getting something set up with new companies coming into Manhattan where they get tax benifits for it. I'll email you.

seth said...

You should get W to sign the ONE Campaign.

And that you'll put his sticker on your Nalgene if he supports fair trade and drastically pushes for increased poverty-focused development assistance.

And does everything possible differently from how he does it now.

(your letter to Sen. Cornyn got personally put in his Austin office's direct overnight box thanks to our visit on Friday...which went better than expected! Hopefully more BU letters will follow!)