Saturday, March 04, 2006

I Love to Play with Fire...

but seriously, who doesn't know that about me already??

The fire ban was lifted for our area so that meant that we got to have a fire on our camping trip this weekend! I was beyond excited. What's camping without fire??

Turns out that I didn't miss anything by not running in the bearathon this weekend. The spelunking expedition today was more hardcore than running. It was insane. You had to climb down this little tiny hole just to enter the cave and from then on, there were two, maybe three, places in the entire area where you could fully stand up. Most of the time we were crawling on our hands and knees through tight, enclosed spaces. Some of the time we couldn't even crawl, we had to lay on our stomachs and pull ourselves through the guano because the ceiling was that low. It was seriously hardcore and I thought about turning around and chickening out at the very beginning, but I'm glad I stuck it out. Although I'm bruised and sore now. But, the good news is that since I had done all that training for the half marathon, I'm in shape and I'm not sore because I'm out of shape, but just because I'm beat up from all the rocks and whatnot.

Since we were pretty much crawling/dragging ourselves through the entire cave, when we were actually able to stand up and relax it was beyond great. We were so freakin happy for the chance to stretch and not be so intimate with the bats that were two inches from us as we crawled through some of the tighter areas. At one point near the very back of the cave we could almost walk it - we were still somewhat hunched over, but we were almost able to stand up. We kept saying that it would be so great if the entire cave was like this. It would have rocked if we could have walked the entire time, or nearly walked. But then again, if we were able to do that, then we would not have appreciated walking, or almost walking, nearly as much. It wouldn't have been anything special. We would have taken it for granted. Like everything else in life.

Last night around the campfire we talked about suffering, as Lent has just started and Jesus sufferred so greatly for us. I was thinking about it, and compared to many people, I haven't sufferred at all. My life really hasn't been too bad in the grand scheme of things. I mean, sure, there have been rough times. Times I wish never happened. But when I look at others and what they have gone through, my life hasn't been that bad. Then today when we were in the cave I got to thinking about suffering some more. If we were suffering when we were crawling around, bruising and scraping our bodies, how much did we appreciate it when that ended? We were ecstatic for the chance to relax, stand, stretch, not be two inches from the cave walls on all sides of our bodies. The suffering made it worth so much more. We appreciated it more than we would have than if the entire cave was walkable.

The great times in life make the hard times worth it. No matter what we must go through, there will eventually be sunlight coming down through the hole at the exit of the cave. And that light will make the entire trip worth it.


Melissa said...

I love to go spelunking!!! Ok, so I haven't been since we lived in Missouri, but it was so awesome! I think a couple people lost their shoes in the bat guano. I hope you get lots of chances to go again! There's not many good caves in Kansas!

Charee' said...

I pretty much think it's awesome that you spelunked this weekend. I want to train for a marathon so I'll be in shape too. I need an enabler/person to keep me in check. Damn stress fracture ruined my groove.

seth said...

Unrelated comment - How do you do that stuff in the sidebar with book/CD/movie pics about what you're reading/imbibing? Feel free to email me whenever you have time about it - I envy your techsmarts!