Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Rain in Spain

Really does stay mainly on the plain! Or at least that's what Anali told us.

So I'm finally getting around to posting my pictures from Spain. They are on facebook or you can see them in a yahoo photo album. I'm too lazy to put up descriptions and all that in the yahoo photo album so you might be better just looking at the album on facebook.

I started typing this yesterday, but one of my roommates decided to use my computer and close my browser so it all went away. Here's a quick recap of everything since once again, I'm too lazy to do anything.

Art museums: Went to the three major ones. Saw Picasso (Guernica!), Dali, Van Gogh, Monet, and many, many more.

Other tourist-y places: Royal Palace (way cool) and a really old monastery about an hour outside of Madrid (also way cool and very cold!!).

Food: ate lots (of course!) Felt the need to eat dessert at every meal because, hey, when are we going to be in Spain again??
Favorite meals - eating outside at this little cafe while drinking some really good sangria.
our two dinners, in a row, at a way awesome vegetarian restaurant
Least favorite meals - the Kosher food they gave me on the plane.
Favorite desserts - flan at the little outdoor cafe, tirimisu at the vegetarian restaurant, ice cream brownie sundae at way awesome ice cream shop.
Least favorite desserts - ha, like I have least favorite desserts....

Hostel: Very nice and cheap! Much better than the one I stayed at in NYC in the fall. Laura and I had our own room, two twin beds, and our own bathroom. Well, we had a shower and a sink - the toilet was in the hall. Still, it was a great arrangement. No complaints here.

Random stuff we did: sat in a coffee shop for three hours, went to a pilates class at Anali's school (I'm horrible, imagine that...), almost got pickpocketed TWICE (we thwarted those attempts though! Ha!), went shopping A LOT (I swear, it's Spain's national hobby or something).

Also, if at all possible, NEVER fly through the Paris airport. Now I see why my dad hates it so much. We missed our connecting flight on the way there, along with everyone else in that airport. A good half, at least, of the people on our flight to Madrid had missed the previous flight because the airport is so horrible. Even if your plane gets there on time, it's almost impossible to make it to your next flight. Unless you did what we did on the way back and play the "rude American" game where you run through the airport pushing people out of your way. We HAD to make the flight to Houston - there were no others that day. And we made it to the plane 15 minutes before it was supposed to leave. It was a miracle I tell you.

So that's pretty much our trip. It was a lot of fun, but tiring. It was good to return and sleep in my own bed again.

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