Thursday, March 30, 2006


I've pretty much officially checked out of school now. It's bad. And I thought senioritis in high school was bad. I'm definitely on the senior slide now that the thesis is turned in and I shouldn't be. I still have a lot of work, aka my social work senior portfolio, to finish. I've pretty much convinced myself that it's not going to be that bad and that I don't need to stress about it. Instead, I should be out having fun all nights of the week because soon I'll be gone and never see these people. Ahh, the conflict between spending time with friends and doing schoolwork. I wish it wasn't so torturesome!

I want school to end, but I don't. I don't really want to start working. Being in the "real world." That frightens me. But then again I want all the papers to be over with!! No more journals, process recordings, annotations! Make them go away!!

Do I have to graduate?? I don't want to grow up!!/Will graduation ever get here?? I want out!!


Anali said...

I checked out too. Too bad I have a paper due Thursday. Have fun; don't stress out about your work because you will get it all done. I'm glad to know that you would play frisbee with me.

Betsy said...

This makes me so sad =(