Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Defending myself from cancer

Life is hard without a microwave. You never realize how much you take it for granted until you no longer have one. How do you soften butter? Heat up leftovers? Do anything??? Things that would normally take 45 secounds to 1 minute to warm up now take about 15 minutes, assumming I have to first pre-heat the oven. It's a pain. I guess this is helping me to learn patience. I can't have something(food) the moment I want it. Now I have to wait. Or not eat because I'm that lazy.

On the upside, I'm sure my body is healthier since I'm not around all that radiation from a microwave....

On another note, I'm watching the national spelling bee on espn. These kids are wicked smart.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

On Being Homeless

I'm finally in my new apartment and am slowly getting settled in. However, this all comes after being homeless for about a week. Due to some leasing complications, we decided not to move into the original apartment complex and began the search for a new one once we got to Knoxville. Which went fine, we found a new complex but because of renovations could not move in for a few days, which meant, being homeless. I worked with homeless people all last year for my social work internship and I can say that my experience was vastly different from theirs. First of all, I could afford to live in a hotel for a week. I did not have to go to a shelter, although there is one in Knoxville and I know where it is. Also, I have the means to pay a deposit and all that on an apartment so I am not reduced to live in a place where you pay weekly and end up paying much more than you would if you could pay monthly just because you don't have the cash up front.

The day we checked out of the hotel we had to do so by noon, but the apartment would not be ready until 5pm which meant having to find a way to occupy ourselves all afternoon. So I thought, what would the people I work with in Waco do? Go to the library! Well, we did something similar - we went to Barnes and Noble and hung out there for a while reading magazines. Then off to the park, just like people do in Waco.

I'm sure my "homeless" experience is nothing compared to what most people go through. But it was interesting to think about during that week in which I really did not have a home to call my own. When filling out paperwork for places, like the hotel, job searches, etc, i didn't know what to put for address for I did not have one.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Done...or just beginning

I graduated today. I'm now officially a Baylor alum. It hasn't fully sunk in yet. I've been to busy pretending to be packing I guess. Actually, I've been fortunate enough to have some great sisters who have been helping me with that. But tomorrow will be the big moving day and then we roll out for Knoxville Monday morning, assuming my car is done being fixed.

The School of Social Work was first to go today at our ceremony so I was 13th to walk the stage. Which meant the rest of the time I had to find a way to entertain myself. Luckily I was sitting with my social work friends so we entertained ourselves/everyone around us (although that part was unintentional). Laura brought a Sudoku book and let me do some puzzles. The guy next to me (he was aviation science since I was the last social work student) was playing freecell on his pda. Jeremy played gameboy throughout the entire ceremony. Another guy (computer science??) was listening to his ipod. Yeah, we were paying attention to the 1001 business students who were graduating... Ha.

When we graduated, most of the faculty of whatever school it was were standing by the stage so you could shake their hand/hug them/whatever. It was funny to watch all the different schools do different things. Some just smiled and walked by, some shook hands with a couple they liked, we in the School of Social Work hugged ALL of our profs - even those we may never have had. Those got side hugs, our actual profs got real hugs.

I need a job. I hope I get one soon that I don't hate. That's my goal - to do something that I actually like. We'll see how that goes.

And now, here's an op-ed that Jon wrote about Bono, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and other stuff.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I'm Freeee (Free falling??)

Well, my undergraduate career and my time as a Baylor student has now come to an end. I am officially done with all work expected of me as I just took my last final. Yes, a final on a Saturday, gotta love Baylor...

My original plan for yesterday was:

finish the Johnny Cash paper and turn it in
study for my economics of poverty and discrimination final
go see Bono in Dallas
come home, study, go to bed
get up early, study some more, take the final.

But of course nothing happens the way you plan...

I did finish my paper and got it in way before the 5pm deadline, but then i decided that i like doing other things (like nothing) better than studying. I did study some, but not as much as i should have, looking back. But i didn't know what was to come. We went up to Dallas (Oh yeah, thanks mom for the tip about Bono coming! Did i forget to tell you that I was going???) and saw Bono speak (thanks Seth for the hookup with the tickets!!). Bono was, of course, great. As was expected. He's so passionate about poverty/AIDS/hunger related issues it's inspiring. It amazes me what great things he's doing and how much he brings to people's attention that normally our society probably wouldn't care about. What was really weird though, was that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson (aka, all the way Kay...) introduced him. Now she was the one who was, well, rude to me and my friends last summer when we were in DC for lobby day for Bread for the World. We were lobbying a piece of domestic hunger related legislation and she was flat out rude and disrespectful for us. And she really has never done anything for Bread or ONE or anything like that. So why was SHE introducing Bono??? I'm sure Seth will have much to say about this in the days to come... (I overheard him saying "blog" a few times yesterday so I suspect it might be coming soon...)

Anyways, after Bono finished being amazing a bunch of us went to Chuy's to celebrate Cinco de Mayo so we didn't end up leaving Dallas till 11pm. Pretty much as soon as we got on the high way it started storming/raining/lightning. We got home to Waco, dropped off Mallory, dropped of Claire, and right after I got home the tornado sirens started going off. Also, all my roommates, and our three apartment friends and their dog were all camped out in the living room. Most of them slightly freaking out. They were also clearing out underneath the stairs so that they could go in the closet. I tried to calm them down, having spent a significant part of my childhood in Kansas where tornado sirens were the norm, but they were still freakd out. Apparently there were five tornados in the area.

It stormed for a while, hailed, and the power went out, Jeremy and his roommate, Chris, came over since they live six doors down. So now were there 9 people and one dog in the living room which led it being very hot and stuffy since there was no AC. The rain let down so we could finally open the front door. Well, then the two male neighbors and their two female friends came over. Yes, 13 people and one dog in the living room. Finally, after much, much, MUCH, more entertainment the power came back on at about 2:30am, everyone who was still here cleared out and I went to sleep around 3am. Which meant I had to wake up at 7am to "study" for my 9am final.

Yes, I took my last undergrad final ever on less than four hours of sleep and pretty much no real studying. But now it's all over. I wish I could celebrate but no one else is done yet to play with me.

I graduate in exactly one week, leave for Tennessee two days later. I need a job...

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Social Workers Unite!!

Today social workers overtook the Baylor Science Building. It was great. The graduating MSW students were doing their practice colloquium presentations all day and the School of Social Work was offering CEU (Continuing Education Units) for social workers so there were a ton of social workers from the community there. You have to get so many CEU's a year to stay licensed or something like that. Anyways, it was so funny to see all those social workers running around the science building all day, proclaiming it as their own. I had to be there for a good five hours since I was "monitoring" some sessions. We lowly BSW students got to do this for them... Really it wasn't bad at all, we just had to introduce the session and presenter, keep track of time, and make sure everyone did their evaluation sheets right. Oh yeah, I got to punch people's CEU attendance sheets too. Good fun. And since all the sessions I went to had to do with children and how to handle them, I feel that now I can raise healthy and adjusted kids who behave. Just kidding, that won't be happening any time soon... Seriously though, it was a lot better than I expected and all the sessions I went to were really interesting.

Now it's back to the paper that counts for my final in my Psychology of Religion class. I'm writing about Johnny Cash. Yeah, that's right - Johnny Cash. I hope my prof likes it...