Saturday, May 13, 2006

Done...or just beginning

I graduated today. I'm now officially a Baylor alum. It hasn't fully sunk in yet. I've been to busy pretending to be packing I guess. Actually, I've been fortunate enough to have some great sisters who have been helping me with that. But tomorrow will be the big moving day and then we roll out for Knoxville Monday morning, assuming my car is done being fixed.

The School of Social Work was first to go today at our ceremony so I was 13th to walk the stage. Which meant the rest of the time I had to find a way to entertain myself. Luckily I was sitting with my social work friends so we entertained ourselves/everyone around us (although that part was unintentional). Laura brought a Sudoku book and let me do some puzzles. The guy next to me (he was aviation science since I was the last social work student) was playing freecell on his pda. Jeremy played gameboy throughout the entire ceremony. Another guy (computer science??) was listening to his ipod. Yeah, we were paying attention to the 1001 business students who were graduating... Ha.

When we graduated, most of the faculty of whatever school it was were standing by the stage so you could shake their hand/hug them/whatever. It was funny to watch all the different schools do different things. Some just smiled and walked by, some shook hands with a couple they liked, we in the School of Social Work hugged ALL of our profs - even those we may never have had. Those got side hugs, our actual profs got real hugs.

I need a job. I hope I get one soon that I don't hate. That's my goal - to do something that I actually like. We'll see how that goes.

And now, here's an op-ed that Jon wrote about Bono, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, and other stuff.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your graduation! I really wish I could have been there - I thought about you all day. As soon as you can, give me your new address and phone # in Tennessee. Love you!


erin said...

congratulations Golda!!! I definately have pictures (taken by Tom) of Betty and Ashley sitting next to each other, text-messaging furiously during the ceremony. My friends said they could still see me even the dark when we had to watch some stupid movie because I was the person with the blue glow of a cell phone visible in the area of the crowd they knew I was in. Apparently the guy next to them was pissed because his gf, who was graduating, said they couldn't text during the ceremony. I'm just glad we did. Most other people around me looked to be paying attention, and that probably sucked a lot.

Brian said...

I brought my iPod to graduation, but it stayed in my pocket. The ceremony was only an hour and 15 minutes for about 950 students! I was impressed. It sucked a lot less than I thought it would, even though it was freezing.

Cecilia said...

I just talked to the person sitting next to me as we weren't allowed to bring anything in with us because cell phones and iPods could potenially kill the president...


Melissa said...

You're right. We sisters are awesome! Wish I could have helped more. You should be in Tennesee by now. Have you found an apartment yet? :)