Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Blah, politics

So the Republican controlled Senate defeated a bill that would have raised the minimum wage to $7.25/hr. Sigh. However, the House did just vote to raise their salaries by over $3,000! Boo.

And I just read an article about how the governor race in Michigan between Granholm and Dick Devos is really close. Then I realized that I am now registered to vote in Tennessee so I can't vote in Michigan anymore. That kinda freaked me out some.

Also, our Republican representative for this district hasn't co-sponsered the Hunger Free Communities Act 2005 bill. Maybe I should call him up. I do like calling representatives a whole lot.

T minus 9 days until I'm in Michigan! Who's pumped??


erin said...

Dude, I'm super pumped too, except for a large stinkin WTF?!?!?! at your first news item! I hadn't heard it was defeated!

Allie said...

YAY!!! I CAN'T WAIT!! yeah, so you can say that I'm super excited as well for you to be up here. Although I suppose then I'll have to deal with your stinkyness ugh to that! haha just kidding!

Golda said...

Hahaha Allie, you're so funny. And you and Dan should come out to da farm Friday cuz we're going to be there then.

Golda said...

Disregard the previous comment, Allie, I just remembered that you guys will be in DE-troit then.