Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm so spoiled

I really am, it's the truth. Case in point - on the way to Kansas City my car broke down and my parents helped me. We were a little over an hour away from Knoxville, my car had been driving a little funny but I didn't think too much of it. I had just gotten it all fixed up before we left Waco and it ran perfectly the entire trip here. Well, about an hour into the trip I smelled smoke so I woke up Jeremy and pulled over at a Shell station (thank goodness we were right by an exit!). Jeremy looked at the car and realized that it was the rear axle that was the problem and found a car place in town to take it to. We got there (barely) and waited for them to diagnose the problem. Turned out that it was something with the rear axle, something having to do with something that sounds like calculus (differential something or other??). And to get it fixed was going to be waaaay more than I could afford. I was stuck. Literally. There was no way I could drive the car anymore without getting it fixed. So what did I do? Called the parental units for help. I'm such a spoiled kid, what can I say? Sometimes it drives me crazy just how priviledged I am. Don't get me wrong, I'm VERY thankful, but it makes me sick sometimes to realize how much I have when so many people have hardly anything in comparison.

They were going to be able to fix it that day but then ended up not having the part they needed and they couldn't get it in until almost a week. Now this was last Friday, we were supposed to be in Kansas City that night so we could go to two weddings of friends of Jeremy's from high school the next day. At this point I really thought that we'd have to go home and forget the trip, but luckily that didn't happen. Enterprise ended up having an incredible deal for rental cars with a weekly rate so next thing we knew we were pulling out of the parking lot in a 2007 Chevy Silverado four door pickup and back on our way to Kansas City.

I had so much fun driving that truck. I loved passing cars on the highway and pretending like it was actually my car and not a rental. Like I would actually own a car that big and nice... Ha. It was a great truck though, even got pretty good gas milage. But today I had to give it back. They finished my car so Jeremy and I drove out and got it and had to turn back in the truck. But, on the plus side, my car is great! Ran so smoothly the entire way back.


Anonymous said...

It's great that you realize how blessed you are. A lot of people just take whatever life offers them as something they 'deserve'. Of course, you would still be very blessed even if you didn't have somebody to help you out. You have a sharp mind and a good soul, and that will do you a lot more good than help from the 'parental units' ever could.

Love ya!

Newitt said...

Don't tell me that you would ever buy a big gas-hungry truck!! Damn the man and all Texas influenece!

Golda said...

Actually the truck got really good gas mileage, but don't worry, i'm not going to buy one.

Anonymous said...

Have to love technolgy!!!! I was able to help all the way from Afghanistan thanks to satelite cell phones with the SIM card.
You know you have a very supportive family and you never have to worry about anything. Want to talk about being blessed??? I am blessed with a very special family unit. My kids are the best anyone could ask for. Love them all. No Worries The Father of the Parental Unit