Friday, June 23, 2006

Make New Friends, scratch that - Import the Old

Since Jeremy and I haven't really made any new friends yet in Knoxville, I decided that it would be easier if we just import our friends to Tennessee instead. Seriously, that way we don't have to go through the hassle of actually meeting new people and all that! Our campaign kicked off this morning when my friend from Baylor, Mallory, rolled through town. She was on her way to the People Against Poverty and Apathy conference/event/Fest that is outside of Knoxville. She rode up here with some other people from Texas/that area and they got into town at about 6am and crashed on the living room floor for a few hours before heading out to the campsite. It was great to see her again and hopefully I'll be able to make it out to part of the conference at least.

Our second friend will be imported in July. Meredith, another friend from Baylor and Jeremy's old roommate's girlfriend, is coming to look at grad school at Tennessee and is staying with us. I hope she does go to school here because then we really will have a friend in Knoxville!!

If anyone else wants to come visit, you're be most welcomed! I swear. And if you want to MOVE here that would rock even more. Just think about it.


Betsy! said...

Trent and I belive in the concept of stocking people - they will eventually give in and realize how cool we can be! -Betsy!

Mary Beth said...

Girl, where are you in Knoxvegas? I'm here for a few weeks. Let's meet up.

Golda said...

Yay! We should meet up! I'm emailing you right now - Jerrod gave me your email address (I hope it's right).

Charee' said...

GOOOOOOLDA!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow is my last piano lesson ever! but don't worry i'll still call. I added Jason to my myspace too so you can tell him that (I called him that on purpose). I really do want to come visit knoxville. It looks like I can't until probably september now though boo. But I might be able to get Seth to come too! Maybe you'll make work friends soon.