Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Some Political Links of Interest (to me at least)

George W. Bush singing U2? Well, I found it pretty funny at least....

The candidate I will be supporting for my Senator now that I am a registered voter in the great state of Tennessee.

Last but not least, this is an op-ed about poverty issues written by a social work grad student at Baylor. It was in today's waco trib. I lobbied with Meredith in May at Chet's Waco office.


Brian said...

The Dubya video was awesome, although the man himself isn't. And I like Harold Ford!

seth said...

1.) That vid is hilarious and as a U2 fan though, slightly blasphemous. Ha.

2.) Big fan of Harold Fords after seeing him speak at a fundraiser for the Texas Civil Rights Project here in Austin in October...but then he was one of a small handful of Dems to vote FOR the President's latest Tax Cut package (one of the worst ones yet)...c'mon Harold, don't do that just to get a few more votes to win the seat!!! That knocked him down a few pegs, but he's gotta be light years better than Frist.

3.) Meredith needs to work for Bread for the World - her Op-Ed is the shizz. Enough playing nice with Kay Bailey. Say it like it is.

Zsolt said...

Hey, we have to go down sometimes to Tennessee too. I like your blog better than Mr. Dinkumator. Your's is up to date :))) Anyway, we are up in Dallas now, so we have a nice living room floor to offer. Zsolt