Friday, July 14, 2006

And the travels never end

After being out of it for only a little over a week, I'm returning to the great state of Michigan on the 24th!! My sister, Betsy, and brother-in-law, Trent, are flying me up to visit them in Detroit! I'm VERY excited - I've never been to Detroit before! I hope I don't get mugged or shot.

In other news, Meredith, a friend of mine and Jeremy's, came to visit us! Well, she really came to look at a grad program at UT, but I'm pretending like she came to visit us. We tried to show her why she should probably move here and hopefully we convinced her.

It was a lot of fun to have a friend in town, I hope I make friends here soon.


Melissa said...

Have fun in Detroit! ~But take it easy, too. Have a party with Betsy for me on my birthday. :) Oh, and Shaun made pasties last night...

Allie said...

tips for being in D-town:
1.) Don't let Betsy drive because she might get you killed.
ex 1.) not turning the truck lights on when it is completely dark out.
ex 2.) leaving her dome light on in the car while driving so everyone can see in while you are driving in little greece at 2:00 a.m. coming back from Canada in the tunnel.
ex 3-bigillion.) Betsy has WAY to many scary driving stories that all happened while she was driving.
2.) once again if you go over to Canada and take the bridge back don't get lost in little Mexico(it's REALLY scary there!)
3.) don't miss your turns on the interstate unless you are planning on trying to get yourself shot in the ghetto.
4.) don't try to put the bowa on kacey, she will get sad at you.
5.) don't make a gun with your hand and say bang to kasey, it sounds like bad. Betsy didn't understand why Kasey got sad whenever Betsy did this haha!
6.) if playing ball with kasey in the house be careful not to knock down the pictures
7.) eat lots of yummy food
8.)and don't forget to have fun!!! :)

Betsy! said...

In my defense and to make well aware that Allie was the passenger in the stated cases:
1.Head lights: The city lights made it very bright outside. The parking garage guy, the tunnel guy, and the customs guy never even told me that my lights were off. It was a very kind guy wearing a bandana, hanging out of his sparkley loud music playing car, downtown Detroit that let me know, in a very funny language, waving the peace sign at 2:30am.
2.Dome light: Allie didn’t notice that it was on either, and if it wasn’t on then we might of not got a “kissy face” from another very kind guy wearing a bandana, limping across the road, in front of our truck, downtown Detroit at 2:30am.
3.Scary freeway stories: I’ve learned to hold my own on these roads =>
4.Scary Detroit people: I gave two very good examples of very nice people, that could of robbed us, shot us, pistil whipped us, or a number of other things that they do to pretty girls, but did not.
5.Kasey: She is just very sensitive.

Detroit Rocks-even if it is white trash capital of the US! I'm loving it =>