Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I'm finally back in Knoxville after 11 days split between Michigan and Texas. Jeremy and I went up to da UP for the Fourth and had a good time with the comrades. We actually watched the ENTIRE Gladstone Fourth of July parade this year. It's the longest parade on earth and will allow just about anyone to be in it, I swear. It's always fun though. Also got a good amount of fourwheeling in along with the eating of traditional yooper foods (pasties, walleye, sayklly's candies...). All in all, a great time was had in da U.P once again.

Left from there and went directly to Houston for Davra's wedding - got to see all my roommates and apartment friends from college. A good time was had by all. The reception was a blast! I have never seen that many people actually dancing at a wedding ever. And not just college/post-college people, but real adults and family members as well. We had an "after party" at the hotel after the reception and that was a lot of fun as well. We met some of Michael's friends and told funny Davra and Michael stories.

Oh, and I was a bridesmaid so I got to do fun bridesmaid things all weekend like get my hair done as well as a manicure and pedicure. Mine and Whitney's hair turned out HORRIBLE (we had the same lady) so we redid it the best we could at Davra's house. It was very entertaining at least - making fun of each other's hair the entire car ride back. At least our fingernails and toenails looked hot if our hair didn't.

We didn't have a car while in Houston so we had to rely on others for rides everywhere. Which was fine for the most part until everyone left Sunday afternoon and we were stuck at the hotel with nothing to do and no where to go since we were flying out the next morning. So for some reason Jeremy thinks that it would be a good idea to walk and find a place to eat dinner. And for some reason, I agree to do it. Keep in mind we're at this hotel on the highway with nothing really in walking distance. We ended up walking down the access road for over a mile in Houston summer weather (HOT and HUMID) to go to a Taco Cabana. And part of the time we had to walk over a bridge and there was no shoulder. It was so scary - all these cars kept zooming past and I was pretty convinced we were going to get hit. But we didn't. Whew.

We got back to Knoxville yesterday evening and it's great to be home. Travelling is exhausting, especially when you never really get to sleep much the entire time. I like my own bed.


Betsy! said...

I have always woundered what was at the end of the Gladstone 4th of July parade? Betsy!

Zsolt said...

It seems like you guys had fun. Jeremy always has these bright ideas :)))