Sunday, July 23, 2006

The quack attack is back, jack

From the mailbag at (bonus points to those who get this), which i hadn't read in quite a while before today:

Forget Wimbledon or Match Point. Check out the latest anime sensation to come out of Japan, The Prince of Tennis: 178 episodes focusing solely on the sport of tennis. Those with PCs and Internet Explorer can check out the new English dub (and get a good chuckle) at Unfortunately, neither Macs nor Firefox are supported at this time.
-- R. Light, Indianapolis

I can't open this either. But I'm typing this while staring at a Talladega Nights billboard and I'm thinking, you know what tennis could really use? A decent movie. Not that wince-inducing Wimbledon or the metaphor-fest that was Match Point. A real tennis movie that celebrates the sport (and its quirks), a flick that will do for tennis what Caddyshack did for golf or Slapshot (or even the Mighty Friggin' Ducks) did for hockey. You've got a global sport, played by the Beautiful People, a disproportionately large female fan base. Surely with all the tennis-Hollywood connections (Arnon Milchan, red courtesy phone), someone could make this happen.

Tennis anime?? No thank you. But I agree, we do need a Mighty Ducks for the tennis world. And while they're at it, they should make a trilogy, just like the "Mighty Friggin' Ducks." I love those movies...

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erin said...

dude! the quack attack AND bonus points for me! :-) what a great way to end my night... I almost watched D2 (the best one!) the other night, but then, because they're so similar, I chose to watch "Anastasia" instead.