Friday, August 25, 2006

I just hope the tabloids don't start coming around

So my little brother, Kyler, is pretty much famous. Check out this link about his latest kayaking trip in Kansas. That's him with the giant ancient mastodon skull in the back of his kayak. Apparently it's quite the find and is in newspapers all over Kansas and Missouri.


Zsolt said...

YES, yes, yes!!! I am the first one to leave a commment, HAHAHAHA!!
Good for your brother :))))

jeremy said...

i think zsolt is moving in on my girlfriend. wait till i tell aniko punk.

Melissa said...

I'm so excited that Kyler was able to be part of something historic! Yay, Kyler! Remember you favorite sis if you become famous!

Anonymous said...

What the newspapers didn't mention is that it was a 25 mile trip that took them 10.5 hours (they didn't anticipate the river being so shallow) and Kyler hauled that skull almost the entire way (starting from when they found it), which was mostly dragging the kayak through the shallows. He hates that skull. Gets nauseated at the mention of it. I told him he'll love it if it lands him a scholarship. Dad's thinking they might not be able to keep it, but if they donate it to KU the college might agree to a scholarship.

You should give Kyler a call sometime, Golda - he'd love to hear from you!

Love ya,