Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Open letter to FoodTV

Dear FoodTV,

I am writing to tell you that I am an avid fan of your channel. From 30 Minute Meals to The Secret Life of..., I like it all. Even now that I have more than 5 channels, I watch your network frequently. However, I have noticed something missing from your lineup. While there are many shows that cater to many diverse groups of viewers, you do not have anything geared towards us vegetarians. I believe that a show that focuses on vegetarian cuisine would go over well with not only the non-meat eaters, but with everyone. Even people who do not abstain from meat could learn tasty new dishes.

I hope you take into consideration by suggestion. I look forward to the new show and cannot wait to learn new vegetarian cooking ideas.

Affectionately Yours,
Golda Waselovich

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Cecilia said...

I have often thought this myself. I would love to love Rachel Ray, but I can't get into it because she loves meat so much. I don't eat meat, so I can't eat 95% of what she makes, even though I think that I would really like it. And vegetarian cookbooks are awful. They're all intensive cooking with weird ingredients. Poop on that.