Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Bloody Brilliant

Jeremy and I had a friend the past few days. A British friend. He's on a three month backpacking trip around the States and made a stop in Knoxville for a bit. He stayed with us during this part of his journey, thanks to a website called couchsurfing, which is a network of people who open up their places to visitors as they are passing through. You can search the site for the town you're going to be in, email someone in that town for a place to stay, and then, well, "surf" on their couch or an extra bed. And best of all, it's free. It makes it cheaper and easier to travel the world. Oh, and it's perfectly safe. To be a verified member other verified members have to vouch for you and say that you're a good person and not a psychopath. And you can leave "reviews" about people to say what you thought of them.

Anyways, our British friend was here and he was a lot of fun. We tried to show him around Knoxville the best that we could during his short stay. He had already been down the east coast to Atlanta and is now making his way out west. We brought him out line dancing, ate fried green tomatoes, and ate at Waffle House and Shoneys. All things you must do while in Knoxville.... We were going to bring him to Cracker Barrel, but didn't have time. We also brought him up in the mountains and explained what meatloaf and corndogs are. Now he's in Louisville for the sole purpose of eating fried chicken in Kentucky.

He took out a loan to pay for the trip and will spend the next year working to pay it off. Then he plans on taking a trip around Eastern Europe and then working that off. That's the life. Just travelling, working until you have enough money, and taking off again. I wish I could do that.

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Chris said...

Shoney's! Holy crap, we use to have one of those in Irving. It was gross, but brings back the memories, ha ha. That is the life though, me and mere keep talking about trying to do a lot of traveling in our future. Like take a big world adventure every couple of years... if we can afford it. But we are on a good start. We did a 2000 mile road trip for spring break, a short on up to Colorado and then we are planning another road trip up the east coast this next summer when we join yall in knoxville :-P