Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm feeling very fallish today

After spending the past four years in central Texas, I was very happy today to experience a real fall day. The weather was actually cool. In fact, it was so cool that I wore shoes and socks for the first time since about March completely for the sake of warmness. And I even wore my favorite fleece that I wear just about every day when the weather is cool. It was the first time I've worn it probably since about April. I was very excited. And I felt so fallish.

Now I just can't wait for the leaves to start turning. Which is something I have not seen since the fall of 2001. That was my last fall in Michigan and seasons are nonexistant in central Texas. In Waco the leaves didn't so much turn colors. Instead, they just died and fell off the very few trees that there were all of a sudden one day. No color. Ever. It was a very disappointing four years of "fall." And the weather never really cooled down to the point where I'd have to dress warmly and wear shoes until Novemberish.

I'm glad I'm back in a place with seasons. And trees.


dinkumator said...

that sentence is absolutely horrible.

Melissa said...

lol, I noticed that too! Be careful! You know future employers read blogs, right?

I'm really enjoying Fall too! I think even more so because I have my own yard to start, and trees in my back yard. We can't wait until all the leaves fall off and we have our beautiful county view!

Golda said...

I know, but I was too lazy to fix it and this isn't for a grade...

Mary Beth said...

Places to visit in the fall:

Fall Creek Falls
Cades Cove (bike the 11 mile loop)
Clingman's Dome
Foothills Parkway (drive through Maryville)

If I think of anymore, I'll let ya know :) Enjoy Tn for me!!!

Golda said...

Thanks Mary Beth! I'm definitely going to check out these places!

Zsolt said...

I need some Fall weather too. :( I didn't have real fall since 1999, when I lived in Hungary. I miss the snow even more!!