Monday, September 04, 2006

More on Tennis

So all this watching the U.S. Open has got me missing tennis. I want to play. Really play. I am teaching Jeremy to play, and it's been fun. But I miss competitive matches. Singles, doubles, anything. I miss being on the team in high school and every August through early October being devoted to all things tennis. I miss playing Monday night doubles down at the courts every week throughout the summer. I miss playing Venus and Serena tennis with Brian after hours of playing normal tennis with other comrades. I even miss being sore the next day because of all the Venus and Serena tennis.

I wish I had three friends who played tennis here in Knoxville. And could actually play tennis. None of this "oh yeah, I play tennis - we should play sometime" and then when you actually get out on a court with them you soon realize that by "play" they mean "can sometimes hit the ball back decently." Yes, I admit it, I'm a tennis snob. But I don't care. Just like you wouldn't agree to sing a duet in public with someone who can't sing at all when you have a really good voice, why should I have to playing tennis with someone who is no good? I just want some good tennis partners. And some competitive play.


erin said...

Ditto, Golda. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Nobody here can play either... or else they're too good and I'm the one bringing them down.

Melissa said...

I'm sorry! But I understand the duet thing! I just sang my first duet/solo/duet last week in church. I was terrified! The kid singing with me on part of it was too and was really quiet. I didn't even hear him when he was supposed to sing. It felt like a two line solo, but everyone said it was great! I hope they were telling me the truth!

Brian said...

I hear ya. I always want to play whenever I watch tennis on tv, but I didn't even bring my rackets with me to Philly.

I was having this conversation about tennis today for awhile and then someone asked me when I got into tennis and I said I started playing freshman year of high school and they were like "oh, so you actually play? I just watch on tv." I don't know how people could stand to do that. I need to play!