Sunday, October 29, 2006

Luther is my Homeboy

Last night we had the first annual (hopefully) Oktoberfest at church. It was a lot of fun - I mean, when is a potluck NOT fun?? There are always so many casseroles at those things! However, this time there was not any jello salad with vegetables in it. That is my all time favorite potluck food. Although there was a lot of kraut and sausage since it was an Oktoberfest/the Reformation celebration (and a keg and lots of wine...).

There was also a trivia contest!! I love trivia. This one was over Martin Luther, the Lutheran church, and random German words. My team (Team Schnitzel) totally kicked butt even though we were comprised of two not raised Lutherans who go to a Lutheran church (me and Jeremy) a Catholic, and two Lutherans. The other team (The Bavarian Boozers) was all Lutheran and they went down! So I may have read up on Luther and the Lutheran church on Wikipedia this week in preperation for the trivia contest. That might have helped us just a bit... I can't help it, I like reading about stuff on Wikipedia. We each won a "Luther is my Homeboy" cup filled with riesens. Our pastor was wearing a "Luther is my Homeboy" t-shirt and had to ask Jeremy what it meant. It was pretty funny.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Confessions of a news junkie

Today, as I was reading the local paper while watching the 6:00 news, I realized that my news addiction is getting worse. I read five newspapers online today (Daily Press, Waco Trib, Baylor Lariat, Washington Post, and NY Times) plus the News Sentinel in print. On top of that I read through the news at and yahoo news. I do this pretty much every day. Except for the News Sentinel - for some reason when I opened the front door today there was one there. This happens every once in a while for some reason. I don't complain; it's another newspaper to read!

Also, the other day I was talking about the morning news in da U.P for some reason and about how I used to watch it before school every morning. When I was 12. I guess that should have been a clue then as to what was to come.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Back in Knoxville, where it is fall!

I'm back in Knoxville. Long story.

Yesterday I attempted to make Swedish pancakes. By myself. This was the first time I have ever done this without the help of someone more experienced than myself. While they did not turn out quite as good as Mom's, Granny's, or probably even Melissa's, they were decent and I finally got the timing and technique down for flipping them. I also could have used Allie for help with the cinnamon sugaring, but I managed. And I find it funny that out of all the people I just named, my younger sister who is 19 is the only one without a blog. Yes, my mom, grandma, and oldest sister all have one but she does not.

Yesterday Jeremy and I decided to go apple picking because it's fall and he's never been before. We found a nearby orchard on the internet and set out. After getting a little lost, we finally found it and crashed what appeared to be a family get together. There were a bunch of people in lawnchairs sitting around a table with a lot of food, watching the UT-Alabama football game. But they welcomed us, gave us some hot cider, and showed us to the trees. We ended up coming home with a dozen apples and a gallon of cider. Now we just need to find an apple pie recipe.

The leaves are nearing their peak here and it's so beautiful. It makes me miss da U.P. but not Texas. Although I do miss Waco, especially since it was Baylor's homecoming this weekend. AND we actually won! 36-35 over KU. That's right, Baylor beat both K-State AND KU this year! Wow, who woulda thunk?

So upon some investigating, I have found out that Allie does indeed have a blog! Bout time you get with the program, lil sis...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Live from St. Louis

So I typed this up already, but then I had to restart my computer and I lost it. I broke down and bought a one month subscription to the internet while I'm here because i'm an internet addict (what?? no free wi-fi at the hotel?? This is the 21st century!!).

I'm in St. Louis now after my 3 day stint in Philadelphia for "training." It wasn't too much fun, but at least I got to see Brian while I was there! We explored downtown some and it was a lot of fun. Then we fixed his car because I'm a mechanical genius (I wish!) and he was able to bring me back to my hotel in New Jersey.

Tonight I'm going to see Laura and I'm very excited about that! We're going out with some of her friends from here since it's her birthday tomorrow.

Work is....well....interesting. Not quite sure how I feel about it yet. So far, I'm enjoying St. Louis better than Philadelphia. Basically what we're doing is talking to people in the city about things that are on the ballot here in Missouri, mainly raising the minimum wage and stem cell research. I'm a "field manager" which means I supervise a team of canvassers who go door to door talking to people. It's...interesting. Today wasn't too bad actually. I just hope that I can do this 6 days a week for 3 weeks without going crazy (while living in a hotel room).

Monday, October 09, 2006


So I have finally been hired - by an organization called ACORN. I will be doing community organizing for their new office here in Knoxville. However, first I have to go through about four months of training. I'm leaving tomorrow for Philadelphia for 3 days of training and then on to St. Louis for about 2.5 weeks (through election day). In St. Louis I will be helping with a voter registration drive since the minimum wage is on the ballot in Missouri and the congressional races are pretty close there. After my time there, I'll come back to Knoxville for a day or two and then I'll go to my real training somewhere else in the country for about 3 months. I may or may not have an additional month of training after that and then finally I'll be back in Knoxville to work.

Whew. I feel like these next few months are going to be exhausting.

Monday, October 02, 2006

My boyfriend, the hippy

So Jeremy is turning into a hippy, right in front of my eyes. It's kinda funny. Examples of his hippy behavior:

- not only has he joined Freecycle and couchsurfing, but today he joined the local food co-op
- it was HIS idea to buy vegetarian cookbooks from a used bookstore and then make a vegetable curry soup for dinner tonight
- he eats more fake meat than I do and I'm a vegetarian!
- he is obsessed with converting a diesel car into a car that runs on used vegetable oil
- he's growing a beard
- he recycles everything he can