Saturday, October 14, 2006

Live from St. Louis

So I typed this up already, but then I had to restart my computer and I lost it. I broke down and bought a one month subscription to the internet while I'm here because i'm an internet addict (what?? no free wi-fi at the hotel?? This is the 21st century!!).

I'm in St. Louis now after my 3 day stint in Philadelphia for "training." It wasn't too much fun, but at least I got to see Brian while I was there! We explored downtown some and it was a lot of fun. Then we fixed his car because I'm a mechanical genius (I wish!) and he was able to bring me back to my hotel in New Jersey.

Tonight I'm going to see Laura and I'm very excited about that! We're going out with some of her friends from here since it's her birthday tomorrow.

Work is....well....interesting. Not quite sure how I feel about it yet. So far, I'm enjoying St. Louis better than Philadelphia. Basically what we're doing is talking to people in the city about things that are on the ballot here in Missouri, mainly raising the minimum wage and stem cell research. I'm a "field manager" which means I supervise a team of canvassers who go door to door talking to people. It's...interesting. Today wasn't too bad actually. I just hope that I can do this 6 days a week for 3 weeks without going crazy (while living in a hotel room).


Rachel said...

Hi Golda,
Congrats on the new job! I'm busy writing the ol' dissertation in Lancaster, CA, where my parents live. Fun times! Say hi and happy birthday to Laura for me. Also, if you need another contact person in St. Louis, my good HS friend Karen and her husband Andrew live there. She's pretty busy with her 3 little kids, but she's always talking about how frustrating the conservative politics in St. Louis are. I'm sure she'd be receptive to conversations about a minimum wage hike, etc. She might even spread the word to her mom's group. I won't post her email here, but I'll try to send it to your account if it's still active. Otherwise, send me an email, and I'll forward it along...

Melissa said...

Um... sounds least you don't have to clean your room!