Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another Thanksgiving over

Jeremy and I went up to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving to visit some of his family. We had a pretty good time and I met his grandmas and assorted aunts, uncles, and cousins. For brevity sake, here is a bulleted list of the week:
  • visited seven states on the trip (Tennessee, A LOT of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennslyvania, New Jersey, and New York)
  • Saw Brian in Philly and then rode the train from New Jersey to NYC with him and spent the evening there seeing the sites
  • Found out that Anali was also in Philly so I got to see her at 2am at a diner!
  • Successfully did not eat meat on Thanksgiving, but then had a bite of a cheesesteak in Philly the next day. I am weak.
  • Saw quite possibly the world's fattest dog
  • Met a Facebook friend for the first time (Jeremy's cousin who Facebook befriended me before ever meeting me)
  • came home and SLEPT


Betsy! said...

So jealous-I was very much craving a NYC hotdog last night!

ggranny36 said...

That was a lot to do! Glad you had a wonderful holiday. We miss you. We have been enjoying our left overs.

Allie said...

I'm glad you had a good trip! Did you ever end up making the honey butter? You never told me. Only 24 days until the next break! YAY!

Golda said...

No, no honey butter, but we did make an apple spice cake that was really good.

Melissa said...

Sounds fun! Sounds even more fun on Brian's blog. I'm going to read his more often. lol

Allie said...

ohh yum!!! that sounds really good! and probably easier then having to deal with making / finding the bread.

Anali said...

Claire just read your entry to me in a Grover voice. It was fabulous! I'm glad we got to see eachother in Philly. Peace out- Anali

shadylady said...

Philly cheesesteak....a sin truly worth committing!