Monday, January 08, 2007

The other "in between" phase of life

There is this new trend in calling kids about 9-12 "tweens" because they're not quite teens yet, but not still kids. Just as that is one of the in between stages of life, I have decided that 22 also falls into an "in between" phase. At least, when trying to buy pants.

I got a gift card to Macy's for Christmas from Jeremy's parents and as there is not one in Knoxville I decided it would be best if I used it while I was in KC. I am in desperate of pants since all my jeans now have holes in them so I decided to try to buy a pair of jeans. Key word - try. When I got to Macy's I couldn't decide if I was to shop in the "women's" section or in the "junior's" section. At what age are you no longer a junior but instead a women? All the jeans in the women's section were mom jeans. But all the jeans in the junior's section appeared to be made for 15 year olds and were part spandex and had glitter, sparkles, embroidery and/or pre-made holes. Two thumbs way down.

I was a little annoyed at the jean situation, needless to say. I didn't know what to do so I bought a jacket instead.


shadylady said...

Mom jeans...hhmmpppffff! There was a time that the difference between womens sizes and juniors was basically the proportion of waist to hip. Not sure how that works, just remember hearing that somewhere. Something to do with the maturing body I think, or perhaps the changes in a body following childbirth.

Excuse me, while me and my mom jeans go out for awhile...


Melissa said...

I think I was around your age when I found men's jeans. Trudy and I went shopping and she said she always buys men's jeans so I tried on a pair and they fit perfectly! You get to pick your size by measurements and not whatever size is supposed to fit you in women's sizes which very brand to brand. I now try on both women's and men's jeans, but usually buy the men's because somehow they fit better. I also like women's slacks at Sears and specialty stores, but not their jeans.

Allie said...

lol your too funny! I understand what you mean though with department stores, thats how all of them are for jeans!

ggranny36 said...

(Shadylady made me move this.)

Wait until you are as old as me and have a hard time finding clothes that fit. Also that don't look like all the old ladies in Florida. I still get some things in juniors. I also buy in petite women's department. I also used to buy jeans in men's sizes, also in boys departments. Larger little boys pants used to fit and the leg size was good too. Papa had to go to work today, but it was better by the time he went had to be there at 4:45 pm. He said that almost the only people there were those that worked there. Some of the stores around them were closed. When he got off work it was good too. We had sleet at our house. You could hear it coming down, even I could hear it. Hope we don't get any more a slight chance for Friday. I don't mind the cold so much as the ice. I got ready in case the electic goes off. In Plain City, Ohio we lost electricity a lot. When you get ready it when you seem not to need anything. Wonder what shadylady did on her day at home after they arrived back home. It seems almost everyone who had snow made a snowman and sent the picture to the weather programs on TV. Two ice, rain and snow two out of three days is too much here. It will change soon though that is nice. Maybe this cold spell will be our last one this cold this winter. Friends of ours said they moved here from Connecticut then had the we are having Coneticut weather here. That's the fun of moving around the country. You always get weather that people say is unusual. I totally believe there is not average temperature anywhere. Just watch the weather report. It is never what the say is the average. They said on a TV program that the average temperture for the US in 2006 was 55 degrees. How may days did you have that were 55 degrees? I guess I have had too much to say.

ggranny36 said...

(I decided to move this one too.)

Forgot Papa had pizza at work last night too. He doesn't know why but said they had about 13 in the employees room. So I didn't have to give him anything when he got home a little after 9.