Friday, February 09, 2007

I have found something new to do in regards to all the time I spend in my car. No, it doesn't have to do with books on tape either. It's NPR! I forgot that I like listening to it - I used to all the time in Waco, but forgot about it once I moved here since I didn't know what station it was. I finally found out because one of the guys at my church actually works for the local NPR station. So now I listen to it on parts of my drive (it depends what time of day it is and if I'm actually in the mood to listen to classical music if it's on).

Part of the reason I listen to it is because it makes me feel smart. I like being able to say "so earlier on NPR they were talking about...." Kinda like when I was taking a 4000 level psychology class last year and I was the only non-psychology major. All the rest of the class could tie in things they learned in other classes to what we were learning. They were constantly staying things like "in such and such class we learned about this or that and that ties in because...." and they sounded smart. I couldn't do that. Instead, I'd relate things in to articles I read in the Washington Post that morning before the 10am class. It made me feel really smart to say "this morning there was an article in the Washington Post about....(something we're learning about)." If I couldn't tie stuff to previous psychology classes, at least I could tie it to something. It made me feel better about being the only non-psychology major.


shadylady said...

NPR definitely helps make one feel smart . . . I've been smart on and off for years! My smartness boost these days comes when I can follow-up on a lunchtime discussion with something I find on the web for someone who said "I wonder...." I always ask first if they would like me to look they think I am doing them a favor!

mujahadad said...

NPR.....the only thing I liked on there was "A Prarie Home Companion" I left everything else to the Democrats and Communists.