Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Things I have noticed when driving in Knoxville/Tennessee:

1. When stopped and waiting to turn, many people do not turn on their turn signal until just before they actually turn. That is, if you're three cars back at a light, waiting to turn left, you won't actually turn on your left turn signal until you are just about pulling through the intersection. I have never seen this anywhere else but Knoxville and I have to admit, I find myself doing it too every now and then.

2. Slowing down to go through a green light. It's so annoying! On more than one occasion I have missed a green light because the cars in front of me insist on slowing down to BELOW the speed limit before going through the light. What's the deal? Once again, I have only seen this done by so many people in Knoxville.

3. Walking out in front of moving cars. Now I have seen this other places, but here it seems a lot worse. Mainly because people do not seem to be in a hurry at all while crossing streets at a place that is not a crosswalk. They do not care if there is a lot of traffic, they just stroll on out. People also do this at night. While wearing dark clothing. In poorly lit areas. Do they WANT to be hit by a car??

4. Now for something I WISH they'd do in Tennessee, but do not. In Texas, when you're driving on a country two lane road with wide shoulders and you know the person behind you wants to pass you but cannot because there is opposing traffic or it's a no passing zone, you pull off onto the shoulder and let them pass. This is something that seems unique to Texas as I have never experienced it elsewhere. I really think Tennessee drivers need to pick up on this because I greatly dislike driving behind people going under the speed limit on many of the roads I have to drive on for work. It's very frustrating not being able to pass them because the roads are so twisty-turning and full of hills.


Melissa said...

Numbers 1,3, and 4 happen here a lot too! I've been especially annoyed by students just walking out on crosswalks or j-walking without caring about oncoming traffic. Sometimes I think they are daring the cars to hit them! They have no regard to the speed of the cars or, apparently, even their own safety.

Number 2 doesn't happen too often but I have done it a few times recently myself. I forget to signal until I'm ready to turn.

shadylady said...

I to like the way drivers in Texas pull to the shoulder to let others pass. In Kansas I enjoyed the one finger wave out in the not THAT finger...drivers would lift the index finger from the steering wheel as they passed another. Very suptle but affective.

dinkumator said...

I think I've decided that the slowing down for a green light thing is happening because of the red light cameras. I've definitely noticed it more often at the intersections I know have cameras.

But jeez, if the light just turned green, its not going to trick you and change to red right before you get to the intersection!

Zsolt said...

Ok in Tenesse at least they are using their blinkers, not like in Texas. The second one happens with me every day (stupid Dallas drivers), but of course they speed up on the yellow and sometimes on the red, just to make sure they can cause an accident. Pedestrians always have the right of way, doesn't matter if there is a crossing or not. It happens a lot in Europe. Number four is one of the most dangerous thing ever. I never seen it before I came to Texas. Few years ago an accident happened front of me, because the guy pulled on the side to let others pass and he had a flat tire due to a nail. He ran of the road and totaled the car. The extra lane on the side is for emergency stop and you can run into another car pretty easy. Also, at bridges and intersections the emergency lane usually much narrower. So, I will never pull on the side (not like I am a slow driver)
What I would like to see is to ban cell-phones in the car. Or at least require a headset.

Ohh and Jeremy how do you know the light not going to trick you???? :)