Thursday, April 26, 2007

Last night I spent two hours watching American Idol. Yes, that's right, I actually watched that show for two hours. I got an email a couple days prior from the ONE Campaign saying that Bono would be on a special episode of Idol talking about the Campaign. I ended up with nothing to do last night, was flipping through the channels, and saw that the show was coming on so I decided to watch it. I have never really watched the show before; I think one season I semi-watched, but that was mostly because my roommates were also watching it so it was on and I was in the room. Anyways, so I was told Bono would be on it but really he was only on in the very last five minutes. The other hour and 55 minutes was basically a telethon raising money for relief efforts in Africa and the United States. And of course they had a "suspenseful" part where they would tell the contestants if they were safe or not (spoiler: they were ALL safe! wow! Great! I'm so happy! that was sarcastic, btw).

Here's the article about Idol Gives Back, they raised $60 million for relief efforts so that's pretty cool. And they got 70,000 more people to sign the ONE declaration, also cool. I guess Idol is all right sometimes. It's a good way to reach a lot of people I suppose, people who may not be exposed to things like the ONE Campaign or the relief organizations they are giving the money to. I mean, all those people vote for people every week, if they're willing to use their time watching the show religiously and making phone calls, why not make a call to donate a little bit of cash to a good cause?

However, while I'm happy that Idol did this and brought such awareness to issues of poverty in the United States and abroad, I can't say that I'm going to start watching the show any time soon.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

This weekend I:

a) won 22 straight games of Freecell
b) went out to eat by myself
c) slept from 10:30pm Friday night to 12:30pm Saturday
d) realized I need a life
e) all of the above

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Springtime in Knoxville

Here are some pictures of Knoxville that Jeremy took the other day. All the trees and flowers are blooming and it's pretty dang pretty around here. These pictures were taken in a neighborhood with a walking trail through it. We have recently started walking the trail, or part of the trail, a few times a week. The trail is a little under three miles long one way and winds through a pretty ritzy neighborhood. Also, it goes along the Tennessee River part of the way. Basically, it's a really nice area, especially for walking, especially during this time of the year.