Thursday, April 26, 2007

Last night I spent two hours watching American Idol. Yes, that's right, I actually watched that show for two hours. I got an email a couple days prior from the ONE Campaign saying that Bono would be on a special episode of Idol talking about the Campaign. I ended up with nothing to do last night, was flipping through the channels, and saw that the show was coming on so I decided to watch it. I have never really watched the show before; I think one season I semi-watched, but that was mostly because my roommates were also watching it so it was on and I was in the room. Anyways, so I was told Bono would be on it but really he was only on in the very last five minutes. The other hour and 55 minutes was basically a telethon raising money for relief efforts in Africa and the United States. And of course they had a "suspenseful" part where they would tell the contestants if they were safe or not (spoiler: they were ALL safe! wow! Great! I'm so happy! that was sarcastic, btw).

Here's the article about Idol Gives Back, they raised $60 million for relief efforts so that's pretty cool. And they got 70,000 more people to sign the ONE declaration, also cool. I guess Idol is all right sometimes. It's a good way to reach a lot of people I suppose, people who may not be exposed to things like the ONE Campaign or the relief organizations they are giving the money to. I mean, all those people vote for people every week, if they're willing to use their time watching the show religiously and making phone calls, why not make a call to donate a little bit of cash to a good cause?

However, while I'm happy that Idol did this and brought such awareness to issues of poverty in the United States and abroad, I can't say that I'm going to start watching the show any time soon.


Cecilia said...

Based on your activities from the previous weekend, I think that maybe watching American Idol might be a positive step forward with your time. I personally I have watched this whole season. It's fun! I don't vote though...

Oh, and you should check out the show "Big Love" You'd like it. It's about a polygamist family.

Golda said...

I do like that show!! I heard the new season isn't going to start until June though.