Thursday, May 24, 2007

For my mom and all Colbert Report fans

Librarians are hiding something? According to Wikipedia they are, and if it's on Wikipedia it MUST be true - or so says the definition of Wikiality.

Two minutes later...

I guess they're done hiding stuff now. Either that or someone at Wikipedia is suppressing information. Hmm, what do THEY have to hide??

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

East Tennessee Dialect

I have now lived in Knoxville for a year. Crazy, I know. It really doesn't seem like it's been that long. Anyways, since living here and working in rural counties, I have noticed some interesting things in regards to how people talk around here:

1. The use of the word "the"
ex. "She had the head lice so I couldn't send her to school."

2. Around here you don't "skip" school or work, but instead, "lay out."
ex. "They were caught laying out of school last Thursday."

3. The use of the word "done"
ex. "I done caught them laying out of school last Thursday."

4. The use of the term "the law" instead of "police" or "cops"
ex. "We done come down the mountain and were at their house just talking in the yard and the law showed up!"

All of these are pretty prevalent and I don't think I've noticed them anywhere else I've lived except for around here. I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember them right now or they aren't used as much.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yesterday I was getting measured for a backpack at a little store up the road and the worker guy commented on my short torso. Now where have I heard that before? Oh right, High School Bowl. My torso was so short that when I was sitting all you could see of me on TV was my head above the table, which only happened once. After that I sat on cushions to avoid looking like a floating head and Mr. Trombly could no longer make fun of me at school for it. Now, in a weird turn of events he is the High School Bowl coach for Gladstone and the team just won their third championship in four years! If you read the article, it says they won in 2004, 2005, and 2007. Also, they made it to the semi finals but lost in 2006. However, it does NOT say that the team placed second in 2002, the year I was on the team. We may have lost to Gwinn in the finals that year, but our team was by far cooler than those boys. In fact, our coach even commented once while at a tournament that our team was by far the most "normal looking" of all the teams. This was with BJ having bright blue spiked hair and Cecilia wearing her zebra print cowboy hat. Yes, our team was smart and hot, er, "normal looking."

In other nerdy quiz bowl related news, Baylor is playing in the national College Bowl tournament this weekend. It is their third appearance at nationals in four years. The first year they went I was on the team. Good times. This year they were undefeated at regionals so hopefully they'll do well at nationals!

All of a sudden I feel like my alma maters are very nerdy, but really they aren't. Just a coincidence, I swear...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Living in east Tennessee has its perks if you enjoy being outside. I have to say, it has its advantages over both Michigan and Texas. While in Texas it is hot enough pretty much year round to do stuff, there is no scenery worth looking at. At least not in central Texas where it is flat and boring. Michigan on the other hand is beautiful, at least da U.P. is, but it's so freakin' cold and snow covered most of the year. Tennessee, however, barely has a winter so it's nice enough by April to appreciate all the natural beauty it has to offer.

Three of the four weekends in April Jeremy and I either hiked or camped. The fourth weekend he was out of town for a conference and it stormed the entire time. Both hiking trips were with people from church and took place actually just over the border into Kentucky. The first hike was on Good Friday and it was kind of cold, but manageable. It probably hovered around 40 most of the day, but we layered so it wasn't really too bad. The second hike was this past weekend and the weather was much better, although it did rain the entire way up to Kentucky. Luckily it stopped before we started hiking and the trail wasn't really all that muddy. Both hikes were around 7 miles but the second one was a little bit more rigorous as there was a pretty steep incline for a ways at the end of the trail. We made it though...

On the first hike, no ticks were found. On the second, however, I had one that was somewhat attached to me that I found during the hike, Jeremy had one crawling on his arm during the hike, and I found one in my clothes once I got home.

The camping trip was a lot of fun. We camped at a TVA campground not too far from Knoxville. It was right on the Tennessee river, and yes, there was a TVA dam there also. We spent Thursday through Saturday camping. That's the great thing about my job, since I work from home, I can also work from a campsite! In fact, I was actually closer to the counties I work in while at the campsite so it was very convenient. Friday morning I had to get up pretty early to drive down for the weekly docket review for one of my courts and when I opened up the tent door it was breathtaking. Our campsite was right on the bank of the river, the sun had just come up, the water was all steamy and there were mountains in the background. So beautiful, but unfortunately I did not have a camera to take a picture. Saturday we spent most of the day on the motorcycle exploring the area, also a lot of fun even though we both got a little sunburned.

We're becoming very outdoorsy with all this hiking and camping so we decided that next thing to tackle should be backpacking. I mean, we live so close to the mountains, it would be wrong NOT to!