Friday, August 17, 2007

Jeremy made a site for us so that we can put up stuff about the wedding and all that. It's at We're still working on it and will be adding to it as things happen!

We're engaged!

It happened August 11th, 2007. It started with breakfast in bed, Belgian waffles and orange juice. After that, I gave her a sheet of paper with the first puzzle on it and told her to get dressed and ready for the day. While she was changing, I left. Solving the first puzzle led her to a park near our apartment where we go walking fairly regularly, where I had hidden the second puzzle in a fence. She solved it quickly, but was so excited that she couldn't figure out how to read it to know where to go next (I had written it from bottom to top so she wouldn't be able to guess it easily). After calling me for a hint, she was off to another park for the next clue. As she walked up to the tree I had hidden the film canister at, she saw someone pick something up from it and pull the puzzle out. She asked him nicely if he had gotten it from the tree, and said that she was coming for it so he gave it to her (those dang muggles). This puzzle was a sudoku, with some boxes highlighted in different colors, which when read in order, gave the GPS coordinates to where I was.

Engagement Ring

After plugging in my lattitude and longitude, she came right to the park I was waiting at and I proposed. The ring is a 7mm Pearl with 3 small diamonds on each side. (Golda told me she didn't want a diamond long before the movie Blood Diamond ever came out.)

So that's the story. At the moment, we're planning on having the wedding May 17th here in Knoxville. Soon enough we'll have more details about whats going on and more specifics on the wedding itself.

(posted by Jeremy)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Okay, here is a picture of the ring! It's a pearl because I didn't want a diamond. Don't get me started on that one.

And here is a picture of the two of us before we went out to dinner to celebrate.

Finally, here are the puzzles he made for me for the scavenger hunt around town.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jeremy proposed today. I said yes. More details and pictures to come later. :)