Saturday, November 24, 2007

Engagement Pictures

Golda's sisters and mom came in for Thanksgiving/Wedding dress shopping. Craziness ensued. Melissa was nice enough to take some engagement pictures for us, and I think they turned out pretty well:

Engagement Pic 1
Engagement Pic 2
Engagement Pic 3
Engagement Pic 4

(posted by Jeremy)


Cecilia said...

I saw these on facebook and thought that you two had taken engagement pictures. What, exactly, do you do with them? Do they go in invitations? Do you just put them on your wedding website? Do they go in the paper? Are you guys going to be in the Daily Press? To you send them to Baylor's alumni mailer so that they can announce that you two are getting married?

Lisa H said...

Yay! I love the fall leaves in the background. Are you coming up to KC for X-Mas?

erin said...

very cute! and I'm super jealous that it looks all nice and fall-ish there. we never had that here, and now it's getting crappy...