Friday, December 21, 2007

Ken Jennings says Back to Basics Toys suck. Don't buy BackToBasicsToys.

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Anonymous said...

I basically relied on this company for my daughter's entire Christmas. I was suppose to receive three boxes, 2 bigger items and then another box with a bunch of the smaller items. I only received 1 box with one of the bigger items. I started getting worried the week before Christmas when my other packages had not arrived, and I called customer service. Back to Basics customer service really was uninformed and complicated the problem by blaming FedEx and more. By Christmas Eve I was upset and in tears, clearly all my hard work and planning was for nothing, I wasn't going to get anything else in time.

I called the number listed in bizzyjulie's review and once I got a hold of the right people, I feel that I was taken care of promptly and fairly to compensate myself and my family for basically ruining Christmas. I told the people I spoke to that I expected to be refunded for my shipping and that I would like to try there company again, but I would not risk my own money to do so... not after the complete disaster I ran into. I was given a very generous store credit and my shipping has been refunded.

I am willing to give this company a second try, because of how quickly the problems I encountered were dealt with. Can it replace my 2007 Christmas? No, of course not, but given what the company was dealing with - I am willing to give this company another chance to prove to me that this season was a fluke.

FYI - I was told by two different executives who did not have time to communicate with each other - I accidentally got one on a personal line - that they had an employee stealing from them / us. The employee was scanning packages for Fed Ex and then walking out the door with them, causing enough confusion and delay to not get caught until customers started flipping out when there items were clearly not going to be arriving by Christmas Eve. Seems a real life Scrooge had a hand in screwing up our Christmas and he is reportedly behind bars now. I was as mad as anybody, but I felt given the circumstances and the response I got to make it up to me, I am feeling confident enough in this company again to give them another chance.

Still though, there front line customer support could really use some overhauling! The executives somehow need to get their spirit for the company into the front line guys... customer service, shipping, packing, etc... or second chances will be a waste of the company's time and ours. I received my second package and it was packed with deflated air pillows, and my products were completely smashed up... I reported the damage to the same executive that I had been working with and was offered replacement, but decided since my two year old was using the tin for the Lincoln Logs as a drum anyway, that I would pass. Had it been a gift or if I was a collector then I would have been really displeased with the way my items arrived - not a little dinged, really banged up. I have one package on back order and then of course the store credit... hopefully my experience will be much more positive in the future.

I am really excited about this company's concept and products and I really want this to end up working out for the positive. I have a lot of years of shopping to do for future birthdays and holidays and I like these toys and I like the idea of supporting the little guy... so keep your fingers crossed for me that future orders arrive intact and on time!
Joyi - Plano, TX