Sunday, December 16, 2007

You know you're in east Tennessee when...

This is a picture of me from the Tennessee Valley Fair this past fall:

Yes, that's me standing by the FFA tobacco exhibit. I'm pretty sure I'm morally against teenagers growing tobacco.

Today, I was readying yesterday's paper (hey, I was busy yesterday!) and came across this article about how Philip Morris USA and Philip Morris International are giving all this money to the University of Tennessee to establish the Center for Tobacco Grower Research withing UT's Institute of Agriculture. It is supposed to benefit tobacco growers, policy making, the tobacco industry and those with public health interests. Oddly enough, they didn't specify how public health interests will be benefited, or at least I didn't notice it in the article.

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shadylady said...

That's a pic that needs to be sent to Leno or Letterman...which ever does the funny pics or headlines thing!