Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We made the Daily Press!

(Thanks to Betsy, aka, my "Wedding Coordinator")

Less than four months to the wedding, I'm starting to get a bit stressed, only because I don't like things like planning. But things must get done.

Jeremy and I went to St. Louis for a wedding of a college friend this past weekend. It was a lot of fun to see people from Baylor I haven't seen since graduation. The wedding was interesting (too much about submitting to the husband in the sermon for my taste, but I enjoyed the rest of it. Good music.) The reception was a lot of fun. The DJ played good music, always a plus. And there were lots of people dancing, Jeremy even danced with me for more than two songs! However, being at the wedding made me more stressed than I already was because it made me realize how much stuff I have to get done.

It was nice to get away for a weekend though, even if two days were spent driving. We stayed with Jeremy's cousin, Shaun, who is going to chiropractic school in St. Louis. I had met him once before and it was nice to see him again (and nice to have a free place to crash!)


Melissa said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. Let me know if you need me to help with any of the little wedding details. I really enjoy planning just about anything, really. :)

Anonymous said...

Think you're stressed???? I'm writing the checks.

Cecilia said...

My mom saw you in the paper and told me about it. I can't tell if she was excited about it or not. Who knows... maybe she was stoned off butter (see facebook message).

Brenda said...

I share your article with my friends at work. They all say two things 1) That you are beautiful and 2) That you look just like me! Sigh.... :)