Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I keep meaning to write something, but then I never get around to it. I've actually been somewhat busy this past month. The data collection part of the research study I work for is ending March 31st, which means as of then I will no longer be employed (full time, more on that later). We've been in crunch mode trying to get all the follow-up interviews done that we can. I've also been helping one of my co-workers with hers since she has a lot more cases than I do. In addition, I help another co-worker by typing up her data for her since it takes me about a quarter of the time to do it as it would for her. And, she also has a lot more cases to get done than I do.

Which leads me to my part time job that will be starting soon. Since I've been going in twice a week to type data for a couple hours, and I'm not a complete idiot with a computer, I've been asked to stay on and help with data entry and whatever else they want me to do after this job ends March 31st. It will only be 16 hours a week, but hey, money is money, and since I have nothing else to do before grad school starts June 2nd, why not? Depending on my school schedule this summer, I am hoping to keep working for the Center while taking classes.

Last week was UT's spring break. I didn't get it off, but I took the Friday before off to visit Whitney in Nashville on her spring break. Then I took Monday and Tuesday off to go camping and hiking. I was surprised at how many people were camping so early in the season. Luckily the weather was really nice and didn't rain until Wednesday, after we were gone. The university was closed on Good Friday for "Spring Recess" and it also happened to be the opening day of Dollywood so Jeremy and I decided to use our brand-spanking-new season passes. It was a nice and sunny day, but didn't get above about 70 so the water rides were a no-go. It was still a lot of fun though. I hadn't ridden a roller coaster since the summer after I graduated high school. I have to say, it may have been because it was the opening day, but Dollywood was one of the cleaner amusement parks I've been too. And they have really good food.